2009 Personal Assessment

If 2008 was the “fall from grace” year, 2009 is the bridge to end the miserable moments, but having hope for the next decade.  That’s how I feel about 2009.

Professionally for 2009, think of it as it parallels to the current job market.  In the first half of the year, there was little to no business on my end.  The market was still in shambles and people were still seeking for their next job.  The second half of the year started to kick in a bit as I was called by one organization to help on their staffing, but later on, help in their HR department (since everyone in that HR department left).  Overall in the business end, everything is starting to be in place and hopefully, those are signs of jobs coming in the next year in the nonprofit, associations, and small businesses.  Although my family is not happy I’m not making a “fortune” or getting a job, I feel comfortable where my business is going and where I am at right now.

Personally, the words that describe 2009 to me: making connections.  Since nearly everyone had a bad year, it was important everyone to have a strong network.  Luckily, social networking made it’s move and now anyone knows one another (or close to it).  If it wasn’t for Twitter, I would have not met almost 2,000 of you and 1/3 face-to-face.  I have met a variety of people from HR/Recruiters, nonprofiteers, the social media littles, Caps fans, and many others.  I hope to continue that relationship for many years to come.

Which leads to 2010.  You got your basics: losing weight (I’ll make an announcement again on Lent) and growing a beard (although it looks like a goatee.  I’ll have to wait when I’m 30 to grow a beard).  There are a few things I am hoping to anticipate for:

  1. Go to Southern California at the end of June for a doubleheader: NHL Entry Draft and the Annual SHRM Conference.  Signed up for media credentials for SHRM and I hope it gets approved.  The only place I traveled this year: Fredericksburg, VA for my brother’s wedding.
  2. Another reason to attend the SHRM Conference: it will be 5 years since my first SHRM Conference.  Back then, it only cost me $200.  Sadly, I have to pay $1,100 if I want to attend (hence, the media credentials application)
  3. Another 5-year anniversary: the NPR Summer Interns of 2005.  You will be hearing stories from about this group.
  4. More business 🙂
  5. Meeting people on Twitter, who I have not met face-to-face and hopefully travel (That is very unlikely, but worth a shot if I have resources).
  6. The Winter Olympics and the World Cup
  7. (Not anticipating) My college card expires in August. So, no more free trips on the CUE Bus in Fairfax 🙁
  8. Finally…I’m going to be a first-time Uncle.

See You On The Flip Side.

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