2009 Predictions

This is the time of year people will look others’ blogs.  Yep, its prediction time and I’m joining the bandwagon.  There are several categories I’ll go into.  Let me get my psychic gear:


And here we go for the first post of 2009:


·         Obama’s approval rating will be at 65% at the end of 2009.  He’s going to have the benefit of the doubt, but with one slip up, the number will dip dramatically.  With Obama’s demeanor throughout the election, he would never let that happen.

·         At least one scandal with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. 

·         Gas will be up to an average of $3.00 in the summer.  We saw the highs of gas prices in the summer and the very low in the winter in 2008.  Next year, they’ll reach at the middle.

·         The interest rate will jump as high as 5%.

·         The U.S. auto industry will still be down, but with Obama’s car czar in place, there will be moderate, renewed interest at the end of 2009.

·         Dick Cheney will get arrested of war crimes and a trial will be pending in 2010.


·         Violence will still reign in the Middle East, but with the presence of Obama as president, it will simmer, but won’t prevent that much.

·         The country to watch:  India.  The population, bordering Pakistan, pollution, and its international relationships will make this a country all the nations will be looking out for.

·         The foreign car manufacturers will still be on the downside, but will still be able to withstand after growth for the past 25 years.

·         With the U.S. economy on the ropes, Russia will do it can to be a top tier power again.  It will not work.

The Working Place:

·         The job outlook will still look grim as companies will layoff more employees to save money and government contracts will expire after Iraq ends.

·         Out in 2009:  New York.  Short-term in 2009: Washington, DC.  Long-term in 2009:  The Midwest.

·         Web 2.0 will be the new training session as companies are finding ways to communicate without travelling and to attract new customers and employees.

·         Phrases you’re going to hear in your company:  compress workweeks and flextime.

·         The company’s new best friend:  the webcam.

Washington DC Sports:

·         The Washington Wizards will have a top three pick in the 2009 NBA Draft.  Somehow, they will get screwed and won’t get a center.  The Curse of Les Boulez strikes again.

·         The Nationals will improve their attendance from 2008…all thanks to the Red Sox, Cubs, Mets, Phillies, Dodgers, the O’s and the Cherry Blossoms on left field in the beginning of the season.

·         The Washington Redskins will be 9-7, without looking at the roster for next year, and miss the playoffs.  Goodbye Jim Zorn…Hello Bill Cowher.

·         The Washington Capitals will still be the Washington Capitals.  My bold prediction:  Eastern Conference Finals.

·         Not local related, but the world has restored order with the NHL and NBA coming back and NASCAR having issues.


·         Google and Rupert Murdoch will be fighting for the New York Times.  The old school vs. the new school of media.

·         FOX News will still be number one in the cable ratings because it’s still the only conservative network.  It is the liberals’ time, but when you have CNN, MSNBC, and now C-SPAN with all day Obama coverage competing, the others have only one source.

·         Syndication and voicetracking will cover the majority of the radio stations and with Sirius/XM troubles; the radio business will be trusted with this:  news and “Top 40” hits.

·         The movie industry will definitely be down this year after a blockbuster 2008.

·         Deep and I mean deep cuts to your local networks.  Local news will be nonexistent.


·         We still are in a “Hybrid” revolution, not in a “Green” Revolution.  Just wait two more years.

·         Cell phones will see little growth in 2009.  2010 will be gangbusters and people will be patient.

·         More people will have blogs, Twitters, and Facebooks.  Yes, simultaneously

·         The transition from paper to electronic will start in the middle of the year.

·         Sadly, Rock Band and Guitar Hero will increase all thanks to the Beatles game coming out.

·         For the first year, the country would be united and figure the problems out.  Then the next year, we’re back to bickering and politics.

Have a great 2009!!!


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