2013 Fall TV Season

There are only a few shows I watch with regularity: sports, PTI, Psych, and Netflix. I’m not an avid TV watcher, but I do understand why fans and critics like certain shows. I’m starting to watch How I Met Your Mother, but the final season is brutal so far. The only good part about the final season is the mother appearing. Other than that, it has been filler. I was never a fan of The Office (US) and Parks and Recreation because it was a copy of probably the best sitcom I have seen, The Office (UK). Also, I like 30 Rock, but didn’t love it and I can’t put my finger why. The show I might have to binge watch is The Middle, which is on its 5th season somehow.

I always come late in the game in dramas. I pay attention to TV critics, who are more informed than ever, to tell me which shows I should watch. Of the shows I watch, Breaking Bad meet the expectations and beyond, Mad Men was great in the beginning, but now nearing its end, the characters have become tiresome because most of them act the same way in a decade, and don’t ask me about any Fox or FX shows (you know where I stand on that). The only drama I watch consistently is Downton Abbey and the first two seasons were good, the third season should have been the final season, and after seeing the first few episodes of season 4 (I have my ways), it seems time to jump ship.

This leads me to this season’s new crop of shows and most of it is crap. I know people were hyping about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. . Not a big fan, but understand why they made the show. The Blacklist is a bit intriguing, but knowing the plot, it will become tiresome, although James Spader is great. The two shows I’m watching are The Crazy Ones and The Michael J. Fox Show. I was interested in The Crazy Ones to see what David E. Kelley will do with Robin Williams. In the pilot, it seems Robin can do everything he wants, which wasn’t a good thing. Luckily in later episodes, Robin has tone it down, but I have no idea what the direction is for the show so far.

On The Michael J. Fox Show, it is not leading actor, who bares his name on the title, that I was interested in. It was Betsy Brandt, who was transitioning from the suffering, purple-wearing Marie Schrader, to a sitcom where she plays Michael J. Fox’s wife. Frankly, from the opening trailer knowing that was her, I find her more attractive that she switch from sufferer to joyful in an instant. Anyway, I knew the show won’t be laugh-out loud funny, but you know they’re going to be likable characters like Mike, Annie, and Harris (played by the wonderful Wendell Pierce). The show can be sitcom-y, but it’s enjoyable and a few laughs makes me want to come back again. The problem with show isn’t the show itself; it’s that their in the toxic network known as NBC, who have botched their comedic programming for a long time and are paying for it. So, we might get one season of the MJF show, maybe two, but that’s likely it, so enjoy it while it’s here.

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