Apparently, I’m Losing Weight

I started running two weeks ago (to be precise, April 21st) because to be honest, it was a beautiful day and Spring has arrive.  If it’s sunny and 70 degrees outside, I needed to run. 

Another factor is that I needed to start losing weight for my own health.  My family says I needed to lose weight.  Put it this way, I know I needed to lose weight, but no one can tell me about it until I’m ready.  Diet is like an addiction; you have to hit rock bottom to know you need to lose weight.  I felt two weeks ago, I hit rock bottom, so I started running around my block for 2.5-3 miles every day for two weeks and it shows.  My stomach is shrinking at a good rate, my clothes is more loose fit, my complexion is better (if that counts), and I feel good internally. 

For eating, mine is very unique, so if I were you, I wouldn’t try this.  Basically, what I have for breakfast and lunch is two LifeSavers.  That’s it, that’s the list (except on Fridays where I just take lunch and dinner).  For dinner, it’s whatever is in my refrigerator like pizza, sandwiches, leftover ravoli, etc.  I know those have a lot of calories, but with no breakfast or lunch, I can take that chance.  Also, to make sure I am losing weight, I’ve started taking the stairs at work and using the Hawaiian Exercise Chair that I bought for my mother for her birthday. 

I’ll probably going to continue until I think I’m ready to slow it down and be “normal again.”  I need to add dumbbells in my workout regime, and I started every other week to have my intense workout.  Today, this is what I did and add 60 minutes of basketball, it was a very good day.  Maybe other days, I might take the Cue Bus course, but likely, I will run to George Mason, play basketball, then run back from George Mason to home.   You know what, I might like the spring/summer season…

Nah, I still can’t stand the heat.

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