Barack Obama’s First Day As President In Office…

Started off this morning when I went to a Staffing Management Special Interest Group Meeting for a local SHRM chapter.  The guest speaker didn’t make it, so we introduce ourselves and tell us a question about company or employee branding.  That was for the whole 90 minutes.

After that, I went to the bus that was supposed to head to my destination.  However, I was trying to exit the bus, seeing the other bus with the same number going to “my” direction, but the driver held me up and I was stuck in that bus for two hours (There was a transfer point, but way too cold to make a transfer).  I gave a call to the host to reschedule our session…twice. 

I landed on my stop 10 minutes before noon, and then walked a half mile to my destination in the bitter cold.  Made it at noon and had a great conversation with the guy.  The session ended at 1PM and it was onto DC.

So I waited outside for 10 minutes, then randomly, saw a good friend of mine and had a brief conversation and that was it.  Five minutes after the conversation, I went back inside to get a quick lunch (in a secretive deli shop).  After a quick lunch, I went back outside and called the Metrobus.  The route I was in is only for rush hour.  Wonderful!  So, I went back inside to call a cab.  I asked if the cab accepts credit cards.  The person said yes.  Fifteen minutes later, I got in to the taxi and off to the Metro.

Arriving at the Metro, I was going to pay by credit card, but the driver told me he only accept vouchers.  Dude, you told me over the phone that you accept credit cards.  He had a quick solution of writing down my card and I officially signed it.  If you’re wondering, this is a similar position Obama was in when Chief Justice Roberts flub the oath and then redo the oath today.  We made peace and it was settled.

Got on to the Metro at 2 PM and headed to a job seekers group in DC.  Got there at 2:30PM…90 minutes after the meeting started.  No worries, I got all the information I needed and the session ended at 3:30PM.  I then took 45 minutes to finalize my business for the day, and then I took the Metro home.  That was my end of the day.

What I have learned:

  • The Fairfax Connector needs to tell on their sign if this goes Northbound or Southbound and tape a map on the booth, but no.
  • Religion ROCKS!!! (The potential client saw my ad on a church bulletin.  Apparently, we go to the same church at St. Leo’s)
  • I am still jealous of the people who attended the inauguration (Thank you folks who are posting photos on Facebook and Twitter.  You are making me happier every second [sarcasm]).
  • I’m doing a social media presentation for HR Job Seekers on February 4th.  Location TBD, 1-3PM.  PROMOTION ALERT!!!
  • Finally to end this historic day…I got DAP (and chosen to be a man was the worst decision in my life)!!! (Mailbag segment with Dan Levy and Tony Kornheiser (I’m listed somewhere). Full show here.)

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