Chicago – Day 2

I expected the next day to be as unexciting as the previous day, since that day was the most fun I had in a long.  Day 2 in Chicago trump that.

In the morning, I wanted to go to Lou Mitchell’s for breakfast because I heard great things about Lou.  However, it was way too long and wanted to save it down the line.  So I went to Viand for breakfast and it was not bad.  Having a big breakfast, I went some sightseeing and then on to Wrigley Field.

I took the Red Line Subway to Wrigley Field.  I will say the trains are steady and not as fast as the Metro in DC.  However, the CTA are much more efficient than the workers in DC and DC should take note.  Anyway, seen Wrigley Field for the first time, no wonder it’s an historic landmark.  The neighborhoods, the statues, but most important:  the fans.  The fans make the environment so vibrant the Nationals should be.  In the beginning, it rained and delayed the start for 30 minutes, but when the game started, literally every seat was filled, and it felt good.  Also, the fans are so friendly and respectful, even if you rooted for the other team.  As for the game itself, it was the best attended game (including all the sports) I ever been in.  White Sox leading 3-1 and after the 7th Inning Stretch, the Cubs hit back-to-back home runs to tie the game.  It went to the bottom of the 9th when Aramis Ramirez hit a walk-off home run and the crowd went nuts and sang their traditional winning chant.  After the game, it was nuts as half went to Wrigleyville to get drunk and the other to quiet places to get drunk.  As for me, I went to Millennium Park.

I took a walk around and amazed at the people in Chicago did to that park.  If you visit Chicago, go to Millennium Park for the modern sculptures.  Then, went to Giordano’s for dinner and there is a long line for people waiting to get a seat inside.  So, I went to the carry-out section and was worth it.  I also realize Chicagoans do care for their pizza.  There was another Pizzeria line a few blocks away and that had a long line.  The pizza was very big and took two days to finish a Chicago Deep Dish.  After been full, I took a walk to the Navy Pier.  The only thing I did was pictures and something I haven’t done in 12 years:  Miniature Golf.  The score in on the pictures section on my Facebook page, so I won’t reveal it.  Let’s just say I had a Tiger Woods performance after coming back from injury except I wasn’t injured (Well, I had sore foot after all the walking).

That was the night in Day 2 and what I learned today:  Chicago is obsessed with the letter, W.


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