Chicago in Review

I am back home in DC and resting up (Well, there’s the NBA Draft) for the dentist tomorrow.  So, here is a week in review in Chicago, in bullet form:

  • I didn’t go to the Second City in Chicago, but I got the next best thing:  Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me.  Attend a taping of the show and it’s a riot.  It’s much better if you attend live than listening to the radio.  Still listen, but keep an open date on Thursday if you have the chance.
  • Chicago is much bigger than I expected,
  • Great walking city, however the traffic needs to improve.  Yet, DC is still much worse than Chicago.
  • Transportation is much more effective here, but a bit slow for my taste.  Need to pick up speed.
  • I think I got a steal for my hotel.  My suite had a kitchen and it was next to the John Hancock Building.
  • My first trip in Chicago and I rarely got lost.  In DC, where I live, I still get lost from time to time.
  • The buildings are beautiful, but the Trump Tower might ruin that.
  • A lot of architechure and art in every block of the city.  It had me thinking a lot.
  • Wrigley Field is a masterpiece.
  • Wrigelyville is a masterpiece.
  • The fans of Chicago (pick any team) are much more compassionate than here in DC in any sport (and yes, that includes the Redskins).  They are also cogenial and respectful.
  • Soldier Field is a big pan.  That is all.
  • The Chicagoans are crazy for their deep dish pizza and steaks.
  • Chicago honors a lot of people.  There are so many streets that are named after famous Chicagoans.
  • The city knows how to structure visually.
  • The Water Works (Chicago River, Navy Pier, Lakeshore) are very nice and fuses the city life with the oceanside.
  • Local H is the loudest concert I ever attended.  In my top three concerts I ever attended (behind Joan Jett and Collective Soul).
  • The city headlights have a quick trigger.
  • The SHRM Conference was wonderful.  Got a lot of stuff for myself and the co-workers.  I have read from HR blogs that SHRM needs to be sexy and be more of a forum and not use crap to give away.  I will say this; this is the one week HR can party and take advantage of it (It’s our spring break like the NBA All-Star Game is Black Thanksgiving and the Spelling Bee is Indian Thanksgiving (thanks to J.A Adande and Rupesh Sharma, respectively).  I do believe SHRM needs to update their conference, but blew that opportunity three years ago in San Diego when they had roundtable discussions for all the industries, but a few showed up ( the roundtables started at 7 AM in the morning).  They need to do that again next year in New Orleans because it’s a real opportunity for organizations to share information among the industry, and please make it in the afternoon or 10 AM to start these roundtables.  These roundtables actually show not only passion for the profession, but within an industry that might be thriving or declining.  Otherwise, keep the conference fundicational.
  • The male fairy from the PeopleClick booth will give me nightmares until the end of time.
  • The closest thing from scoring was on the Volt booth where I faced Kim in a Wii Boxing match.  I won, and gave her a hug after the match.  The next hour, she and I were at the same session and it was last time I saw her.  All I know is she’s from the Big Ten and didn’t get anymore information and I missed my opportunity.  So, I will only know her as Kim from the Big Ten.  By the way, this is to the Volt presenter/host:  IT’S THE CAA, NOT THE ACC.  GET IT STRAIGHT.
  • The Monster booth was the hottest booth because of those stuffed monsters and I got one on the last show.
  • I rediscover my love of putt-putt and great at it.  I just suck at the other aspects of golf.  Trust me, it will be on YouTube.
  • Had a bunch of cards about free gas money.  The total amount I got from the numerous gas cards: $5.
  • It might be the economy, but the SHRM after-parties on Monday stink on ice.
  • Surprisingly, the Lionel Richie concert was very good.  Love this line, “I’ve been in the music business for 30 years, and this is my 27th year dealing with Nicole.”  Next year, wanna bet it will be Harry Connick, Jr. or the Marseilles brothers as musicial guests?  For future reference:  Hootie and the Blowfish or REO Speedwagon.
  • Alcohol assumption for this trip is an all-time high, but still way below a regular drinker status.
  • The skylines are a wonderful site and worth the price of admission.
  • People love my shirts (or Dan Levy’s shirts)  from the look of their eyes and taking pictures and the hat I wore to the streets of Chicago the last few days (I know it looks ridiculous, but you got to have swagger and confidence and felt like doing it).  If you want to know what I’m talking about, look at the photos in each of the days I blogged.
  • Chicago could easily be my second hometown.

After all of that, it’s time for rest and prepare to conclude June with pain (dentist) and fortune (Nationals-O’s).  To conclude,

Thank You Chicago, you’re on my wish list for future consideration.


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