Days 20-32, and a special moment here

I went on and off in my diet, butb I’m back on again.

The reason could be that may alma mater, George Mason, went to the Final Four. This was an absolute shock not only to myself, the county, but the whole country. George Mason may never be the same again, and I can finally say I have a legit degree. By the way, Florida beat GMU 73-58 tonight. George Mason hanged on, but Florida had motivation and too much height and luck (See Lee Humprey). Next year, most of the characters are coming back except for Skinn, Lamar Butler, and Jai Lewis. The team can win the CAA and might win a couple of games in the tourney, but wait till two years when recruiting will be an all-time high. I thought of myself as a pioneer that I was the first GMU student to intern in NPR. Now, I got company (I’m not including foot fetish lady, Sarah Kozer).

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