Election Day

First, I was going to write this a couple days ago, but I had to fix my computer.  It’s fixed now so I can finally talk about Election Day.

1. My prediction

A month ago, I predicted that the Republicans will retain both the House and Senate because they had the values voter and they will always come in droves and the Democrats didn’t have a counter in their bag.  Well, that was a month ago.

2. The time between my prediction and Election Day

Let’s see here:

  • Mark Foley
  • George W. Bush still is saying “Staying the Course”
  • Bush still wanted Rummy
  • Abramoff scandal
  • Ted Haggart scandal
  • A couple in the House abusing their mistress
  • Soldiers still getting killed in
  • A couple of “mistakes’ from the Senate

That’s about it. There were a lot more, but there wasn’t fun in those.

3. Election Day

Everyone predicted that the Democrats will have at least one sector taking over Congress, but not the whole thing.  In my voting, I went for Jim Webb (although he’s a conservative) and Tom Davis, who didn’t screw this up, but, will get some tough competition down the road.  The big amendment in
Virginia was the banning of gay marriage, which I voted no for.  The line in my voting place was very small, but I heard the lines picked up quickly during the day, which looked very good.

4. The Results

In the national side, the Democrats won the House and it was a toss-up on the Senate side.  All of the other states were determined except for one:
Virginia.  As the results were still pouring, the only counties that weren’t counted yet were Arlington and
Fairfax County, my home county.   At that moment, I can say that my vote did make a difference and sure enough, Jim Webb took the lead and George Allen conceded.  This means the House and Senate are now controlled by the Democrats.  The only terrible thing was the marriage amendment was passed, meaning gay marriages are banned.

5. The Aftermath

After the elections, Bush kicked Rummy out and appointed Bob Gates from the old Bush administration to help out the war in Iraq.  This signals that Bush is listening to the people that voted, and the people want a new direction.  This gives the Democrats two years to prove to the people they can turn this country around.  The Democrats have a diverse set from liberals, moderates, and even conservatives.  Their ball is in their court and they are going to be scrutinized like no other.   Also, I was shocked, but not surprise the value voters went mostly for the Democratic Party.   This shows you they’re not fools and anyone cannot be trusted.  I always thought the values voters were getting fooled by the propaganda the “Bush Republicans.”  I’m happy for the results, except for the marriage amendment, which I think will cause people move to Maryland or other places that don’t banned gay marriages.  It will also hurt businesses because of the term “domestic partner” and how are they going to redefine the term. 

6. The 2008 Presidential Election

This opens up a bigger pool of candidates.  On the Republican side, Giuliani, McCain are the top candidates.  But on the Democrat side, you have Hilary Clinton, who apparently is going center, and Barack Obama, the latest sensation in politics.  Three of the four I can trust (guess which one I don’t trust?) and I can’t wait when 2008 arrives as everyone has the right candidates to vote for.  The only question would be who would do it the best.

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