Eleven Years Ago

As everyone witness the tragedy, the horror, the drama, and relief in Boston all in one week, the situation, to a lesser degree, was similar to the three weeks of what happened in October 2002.

Back in October 2002, John Muhammed and Lee Malvo terrorize the D.C. Area and killed 10 people by using their sniper rifle and wounded more. At the end of the month, Muhammed and Malvo were caught while sleeping in their car and was arrested. As a result, Malvo gets life in prison without parole, and Muhammed was given the death penalty and in 2009, he became deceased through lethal injection.

I remember the chaos and mismanagement of information from who were the suspects to what car they were driving. It is similar in Boston when social media and the real media were throwing information like throwing spaghetti to a refrigerator and see if it sticks.

The shooting struck me in more ways than one. The first is this was going on in the D.C. Area, my hometown. The second was the shooting was random from shopping malls to gas stations. The third was the one of shootings was at Bailey’s Crossroads, which the Eden Center is located, the business hub for Vietnamese people in Northern Virginia. Finally, the lookout for the white vans, when in reality, we should have look for a blue Chevrolet Caprice.

This was the only time I got scared going in public because the snipers were targeting areas people go everyday. I always took the bus to George Mason and my stop was next to a gas station and I had duck whenever I saw a white van (seriously). That month was terrifying, but when the suspects were captured, my routine was back to normal, although my parents, being the paranoids they are, we’re worried if I go outside the house or even cross the street, they keep explaining to me every day for 11 years.

I know Boston was worse with the degree of violence and hundreds of people were affected, but with social media and technology (and their character), they got their suspects in 4 days. I know if we had social media and advanced technology in 2002, the police would got the D.C. sniper suspects definitely less than the month.

Sadly, evil will still exist and this is the new normal we are living. The incidents in Boston reminds me too much of 2002 and how much the world has change. The only thing to defeat terrorism: Go on with our daily lives and be on alert, not fear.

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