Fantasy Football Rules

  1. Agree for a consensus vote of where to do the draft.  Can be at a restaurant, house, live online draft, etc.
  2. If the draft is at the house or restaurant, have food and drinks.  A must.
  3. Emails are the last resort, but if you have to, be prepared for two weeks of stuffed e-mailboxes.
  4. Always pre-rank your players, have cheat sheets and materials for the draft.
  5. The most underappreciated sheet of all…Team Bye Weeks.
  6. Look at how the points system plays out in your league.
  7. Always draft RBs in the first few rounds.
  8. Stock up on the key positions for starters and depth.
  9. If you’re confident that a Superstar QB will have a breakout season, then pick them in the early rounds.  Otherwise, all QBs are the same.
  10. Double the points, double the fun (i.e. Manning to Harrison = 12 pts plus yds.)
  11. Defense and kickers go to the last rounds, but if a team has a great defense and great special teams, look for them in the middle rounds.
  12. After the draft, look at the waiver wire to prepare for pickups during the season.
  13. There are no excuses in fantasy football; you’re on your own.

Next Week:  Fantasy NASCAR for the Chase of the Cup.

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