February Stories

I was going to be poetic and affectionate with my February story this month.  However, two things happen on the way: 1) I had no time with work and networking, and 2) I’m a realist, not a poet and I’m not that graceful.  So, I called an old friend to do these stories.  The stories (or haikus in this case) are from Shad Ewart.  These three haikus are about the month of February.  Please enjoy:

For the people who believe in love:

A stolen glance, then

Fumbled conversations, then

The heart skips a beat…


For the weather geeks:

Brutal whipping winds

Don’t mess with Mother Nature.

March could be much worse.


For Puxatony Phil:

Poor past predictions

And the market keeps falling…

Phil needs a bailout.


Shad Ewart (or Shad in DC) is a professor at Anne Arundel Community College and the haikuist for the Tony Kornheiser Show (if it comes back).


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