Fourth of July

Honestly, I’m not an “out to the city” guy, but yesterday was probably the most exciting day I ever had.

10-11:30 AM: Went sightseeing to Washington DC to take pictures. It was very hot and I was sweating like a water fountain. Needed several water breaks and towel off with napkins. The places I went that morning made me feel proud in a sense that these people not only sacrifice their countries, but other countries as well like Vietnam. From my parents’ perspective, the Vietnam War was the right thing to do and I believe them (just look at my father, he had scars all over from that war).

11:30 AM-1 PM: Caught the Independence Day parade. Only celebrities I met: Chief Charles Ramsey and Garfield The Cat.

1 PM-3:30PM: Had lunch early because I was that dehydrated. At 2 PM, I had lunch with former NPR interns Claire, Rachel, and Joy at Clyde’s at the Gallery Place. We discuss about our careers, other NPR intern careers, current events, jobs, and so forth. It was very exciting to see some the faces because the whole 50 interns , including myself, had something special and we shared that bond to today, which I think never happens that long, but it has continued and I’m happy about that.

3:30 – 5 PM: The fun begins. I got off the Vienna Metro and made the decision that I’ll walk from the Metro to my house, which is around 3 miles away to get some activity (remember, I don’t drive and buses were limited because it was a holiday). For one hour, it went smoothly, then when I approach Fairfax High School, the rain was starting to come in and ran from Fairfax High to Bif Furniture store. Then for ten minutes, hurricane conditions came in and I got hit. Also of note, I did not carry an umbrella or wearing a poncho. All I had was myself. I went to the nearest safe spot and it was a car dealership. During all of this, my cell phone had no reception because the rain penetrated my phone and couldn’t call my parents, who were near by (Oh, I had to pay an additional $250 for another cell phone because I didn’t have insurance for my cell phone, but that’s for another story) and a lighting bolt struck a car about two blocks of where I was standing (yes indeed I prayed). Storm ended ten minutes later and I got a ride home. Although I was drenched, having small headaches, and water in my ear, I had fun in that storm and would want to do it again (although with a cell phone cover)

5-5:30 PM: I couldn’t believe Italy scored two goals at the last minute of extra time to beat Germany at their home turf.

9-10PM: Saw the fireworks at Fairfax High after I cleaned up. I used to be fawned of fireworks, but as age goes, it has become commonplace. The only reason I want to go: take pictures of my new camera.

That was my Fourth of July. Yesterday, I felt like a patriot. A nutjob patriot, but still a patriot nonetheless. The photos are posted on my Facebook site (on your right) if your interested.

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  • I was curious as to how may Tracy Tran’s are out there, so I did a google search and stumpled upon your blog. Just a friendly hello from one Tracy Tran to another 😉

    The Vietnam memorial is a very emotional place. It is mind boggling to be reminded of how many lives were lost in the war.–>

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