George Michael Q & A Session

This past week, I attended the George Michael Q & A Session at Nathan’s on Georgetown.  Let me say of the pre-interview;  it’s a wonderful place, but the lunch was underwhelming.   Probably they were aiming at a sports theme with a beef brisket sandwich and potato salad, but there were no other choices?  At least when someone makes a reservation, have them decide what they want for lunch before the event.  It almost convinced me that the $35 was for nothing.  Luckily, that was all made up when George Michael was the guest.  It was the best Q & A session I went to.  He was candid, funny, and making a scene at Nathan’s.  There were some hesitant answers like if his successor, Lindsey Czarniak, can get the same ratings and why Joe Theismann left Monday Night Football.   Other than that, it was the best session I ever attended.   Also, got to see Arch Campbell, Bob Ryan, Jim Vance and George’s family and friends watching the interview.  [A little off-the-wall rant] If you live in the DC area, this was the best local news  team in my generation and with the centralization of the networks, we’ll not going to see this type of team and chemistry in my lifetime [/A little off-the-wall rant].  To see the interview, go to:

By the way, you might see me briefly with the hair, but I was sitting next to a young woman with a blue shirt at the bottom right in some of the taping.

Would I go again?  Absoultely, just hope the food is a little better, but if there is a guest I like (i.e. Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon), I would attend.

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