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Written by Tracy

The popular term in television this year is “binge-watching” with Netflix coming into the scene with House of Cards, Arrested Development, and Orange is the New Black. I seen a lot of people of my feed (both Twitter and Facebook) binge-watching on their favorite TV shows. Binge-watching can be a good thing…if it’s memorable. Of the shows I mention, Orange is the New Black is the only Netflix show I would repeat binge-watching.

The concept of binge-watching made me watch my favorite shows again like Psych. Binge-watching also help me discover shows I haven’t paid attention like How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, Sherlock, and the BBC version of House of Cards (which I think is better than the Netflix version).

Currently, there is one show I am binge-watching that is not on Netflix or Hulu and that is Ed (I have my ways). I have written about Ed before but if you need a refresher, it is about a lawyer named Ed Stevens who was fired from a big law firm for missing one comma. After he was fired, he caught his wife cheating with a mailman (not the mailman). Afterwards, he got his yearbook and saw a picture of his crush, Carol Vessey, and decided to move back to Stuckeyville, Ohio to capture Carol’s heart. He opened up his own law practice at a bowling alley, which he bought and is called the “Bowling Alley Lawyer” (two separate things).

I remember I was hyped about Ed because it came from Rob Burnett and Jon Beckerman, who both worked for David Letterman. The initial reviews were good to great and some consider Ed as the best new show for the 2000 fall season. The show originally was on Sunday, but shortly moved to Wednesdays at 8PM to set up a great lineup of Ed, The West Wing, and Law & Order.

Re-watching Ed, although it might be outdated because they use videotapes then, the show was a true original from the characters, the setting, the jokes, and the tone; and continue throughout the four seasons. It is hard to pick a favorite moment from Ed and Carol, the $10 bets, Warren Cheswick, Phil Stubbs’s schemes, “Godfrey,” the Vanacore gastric bypass surgery, etc.

If there was one flaw that Ed had, it was they stick with the Carol and Dennis (played by Mad Men’s John Slattery) relationship way too long. You understand Ed and Carol are going to have conflict because they were meant for each other, but having Carol dating a bad guy, after already dated a bad guy for seven years, why him? I never thought Dennis was the right fit for the show at the time, although Slattery’s role on Ed is very similar to Mad Men, but a more appropriate fit.

You can understand dating Chris Isaak’s character or anyone who’s actually decent (character-wise) make the Ed-Carol conflict more complicated. While I think the Carol-Dennis story brought the series down a notch, the Ed-Carol-Frankie (played by Sports Night and Fairfax’s own Sabrina Lloyd) love triangle is what the show needed. Let’s just say if there were three people to have a threesome, it’s Ed, Carol, and Frankie. Afterwards, you know how it ends and the final season concluded with and Ed and Carol’s wedding.

Why I am mentioning Ed now because it is almost ten years since the show concluded and there is no DVD or streaming on Netflix or Hulu. You wonder why a show, that has a great following, is not there in the open market? Most think it was the music copyrights and although true, that has been resolved. The issue is, what Rob Burnett discussed on reddit, that there is no agreement between Worldwide Pants, Viacom (CBS and Paramount), and NBC Universal. If you want Ed on DVD or on Netflix/Hulu, write an email to NBC Universal (don’t write to WWP or CBS because they’re the two who wanted it, plus Les Moonves doesn’t want to pissed off Letterman) and agree with WWP and CBS to release it.

There have been articles of Ed (here and here) recently and that’s good to keep Ed in the minds of readers to demand it on DVD/Netflix. It is personally my favorite TV show of all-time and I hope it is out there for open consumption because Ed deserves to be mention as one of the best shows of all-time and needs to be out there again…and hopefully a movie so we see Molly getting married and how Stuckeyville has changed.

Link to my favorite episode of Ed.


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