If you’re wondering, this is not the same topic as networking, but some do overlap to each other.  A couple of weeks ago, it was another notch of fun I had this year.

For the second consecutive year, I caught up with some the Mr. Tony Message Board crew for a weekend of fun.  Some went to the Tamara Wine Festival, while the others went to the Nationals Picnic (Damn, no Ryan Zimmerman or the coolest name in sports, Lastings Milledge, but I go Elijah Dukes autograph).  Then it went to the bowling alley where amazingly I didn’t suck that much.  I thought I would be around or less than Obama’s score of 37.  Shockingly on the second game, I got a 109 with my submarine bowling style.

The topic overall is not about my happenings that day, but in the big picture, it was nice to see some of the DC Mr. Tony fans having fun together.  I would love to do this every year with the Mr. Tony people, the NPR interns, and my old ground at CTAA (Oh wait, I always go to their live draft.  Maybe it’s my frustration that I haven’t been in the money for the past 3 years.  Still, it’s fun.).  Social networking like Facebook or message boards might be easier to connect but as I previously mention in the networking post; there’s nothing like a good ol’ face-to-face meeting with your friends.  There’s a different dynamic to that and for once every year, i would love to do that.


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