Happy Valentine’s Day (and a little warning)

Hope your having a great Valentine’s Day.

I always believe love is going to be random. What some people don’t know is you have to go out and examine if there is a right person. What I don’t like in most relationships these days is people have expectations. They believe in “Love at first sight.” I always hated the term “Love at first sight” because if that were true, I would have been a polygamist having married and dated tens of women at the same time. I can easily look at a person and say she’s beautiful. Anyone can say that. The problem is beyond that.

I can say I have somewhat of experience in that category. When I was a sophomore at George Mason, I worked in the bookstore with Liana (Just for the record, I’m a guy). I thought she was beautiful and attractive, like I see in anyone. Then, when I started to have conversations with her, we actually had a bond. Probably that was my very first crush in my life. I was playing “best friend.” Our conversations were natural and real (Although she has to lay off on the Hilary Clinton bandwagon). We were having discussions about politics, movies, etc. The problem was she has a continuous relationship with someone different every three months. The bigger issue was I am really in love with this person. I had no control and for that I came to her house a couple of times and even bought college books for her. The last time I saw her was during her French class (scary I remember that) after I came after my radio gig and was the last time I spoke to her in person. Yes, I admit I was stalking, but I was 19 and in love for the first time. (Of note: I WILL NOT STALK SOMEONE AGAIN, I LEARNED MY LESSON.) It hit me during my Junior year that my crush was gone for good. To this day, I’m still friends with Liana (although she does keep a lot of ex-boyfriends and ex-friends), but haven’t spoken in three years. The only contact is her blog and profile from the site I will never mention. If you want to know, she is in a relationship but has said she is happy with this person, has a job, a plan, and a new car. I’m happy for her, but at the time, I missed my opportunity.

As for me, well I’m still single and not in a rush to go in the dating scene. The only requirements for me are your not a Dallas Cowboys fan, a New York Yankees fan, and not worship Faux News and the conservative blowhards (Hey, I thought you said you want a relationship with no boundaries, you hypocrite.) If I get married, I want to have kids and have influence my kid(s) to be greater than me and my family. For a woman who is interested somewhere I am, a nice talk is a good start. Also, I’m a bit shy so please start the conversation.

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