Hockey game

I finally circle the wagons and attended a Washington Capitals preseason hockey game.  At first, I wanted to go and thought the seats are going to be middle row or the bleachers for decent value.  However, the seats were in the front row, VIP section, right up against the boards.  I knew I need to sell it, but three things: 1) no one in my inner circle likes hockey, 2) it was in short notice, and 3) its PRESEASON hockey.  I bought the tickets for $100 for charity, yet I didn’t have a second person coming, so I left the ticket outside if anyone would go in for free.  No takers.

The game itself is an experience although its the preseason.  Watching hockey on TV doesn’t do justice if you go see the game live.  The shots to the plexi-glass sound like a gun shot and the players crashing to board becomes more 3-D that they’re crashing to your side and the black eyes, bloody noses, and bruises you see.  If I were to rank the four sporting events:

  1. Hockey
  2. Football
  3. Basketball
  4. Baseball

Next up, NASCAR baby.  Oh, the Caps beat the Flyers 1-0 and the Caps could be the surprise team this season in the NHL.

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