How To Accidently Get Free Food

Last Thursday, I had nothing to eat so I stepped out to get some yogurt (frozen yogurt places are expanding like Starbucks and Subway but with different names). The place was called Frostberi. Sadly, the place opens at noon.

I was very hungry and there was a Chili’s and Epicure Cafe, but decided to go to Jersey Mike’s for a sub. When I got there, there were a bunch of Asians surrounding one place. They were waiting for the opening for Dickey’s Barbecue.

Usually if you’re a chain restaurant, you get free food the day before it opens because the chefs, servers, and cashiers need a trial run to function before the real opening. I decided to get some food there.

What was interesting about this Dickie’s opening was 1) it was a private event and 2) the franchisor was Vietnamese, hence why a bunch of Vietnamese people were standing around the place. When the event open, I came to get a big meal since it was a trial run. When I got my order and sat down, I notice other customers, who weren’t Asian, got turned back because it was a private event. Then it struck me: they thought I was family member of the franchisor.

I would think they know the difference: the real franchisor family were dressed up, except for their kid wearing a polo shirt and shorts, while I wore a white shirt, gym shorts, and look like I just woke up. The people didn’t care and made my food. By the way, I had turkey breasts, spicy cheddar sausage with green beans and a potato salad and it was good. It was likely they wee doing a survey or taste test afterwards, so I bolted quickly.

Oh, I did go to Frostberi to get something sweet and it wasn’t bad, but a little more like sherbert than yogurt.

So the lesson learned here kids: If you know a friend who is opening a franchise, ask for an invite. If you don’t know them, hope you look like the franchisor. Lucky me!

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