Nominees for the First Woman Pop Culture HR Award

If you been reading my Pop Culture HR Awards posts, you realize the four recipients are men.  I can tell you the fifth recipient of the Pop Culture HR Award will be a woman.  One problem: I don’t know which one.  Women mostly dominate the HR field and for future installments I will put them, but this is special since this will be the first.

So calling all the HR professionals (ok anyone), please send to me on Twitter, email, or the comments section below who should be the first woman recipient of the Pop Culture HR Award.  Please give me three specific reasons of why I should choose this woman and it must have an HR theme.  Please submit by August 31 and the judging will be done by me.  The winner will get…I haven’t decided yet:  maybe a guest blog or free stress hockey pucks, or something else.  The recipent will be announce after Labor Day Weekend.

Here are the nominees so far (Updated August 6):

  • Cinderella
  • Kim Ng
  • Mary Tyler Moore
  • Carol Burnett
  • Clair Huxtable
  • Murphy Brown
  • Margaret Pynchon
  • Ann Romano
  • Mary Poppins

Send me more nominees.

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  • I nominate @CincyRecruiter (Jennifer McClure) – VP at Centennial Inc. Why?:

    – she doesn’t just get HR – she gets recruiting & career development (she is a certified career coach)
    – she has embraced social media for her work & has found success in her networking efforts
    – she is a local leader here in Cincinnati, having started and grown the LinkedCincinnati group to over 10,000 members, and she is quite active in many HR and recruiting networking groups, providing valuable career development and corporate HR and recruiting knowledge.

    She deserves to be honored!!!

  • I nominate Alicia Arenas @AliciaSanera
    She is an SPHR and worked in HR for many years before beginning her own business. Now she coaches and trains businesses in how to succeed and uses her HR expertise to bring them into this century. Alicia is a social media expert and helps businesses to incorporate SM strategies.

  • I should clarify, I’m looking for real or fictional women in pop culture who influence HR. Sorry for the confusion.

    Although, I do make a list of great HR people…oh wait, @JohnSumser beat me to it. Dang.

  • Dagny Taggert in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged

    1. She succeeded in a man’s world despite the culture of the time.

    2. She sustained a vital industry in the face of gov’t looters and moochers.

    3. She was never afraid, always worked tirelessly and was relentless with facing adversity.

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