If I Was Running A Company…Adapt and Ask

In the past couple of weeks, I have learn a lot from the recruiting world.  It all started with this tweet from Chris Hoyt, aka The Recruiter Guy, which then lead to a blog post from Jessica Lee, which lead to Jessica and I having lunch about our lives and careers.  That conversation then in turn lead me to start these virtual chat sessions at my virtual office, which I have some success (wonderful if you’re near the Washington Post Headquarters, not so well in Fairfax City or in Ballston.  Must be Location, Location, Location!!!).

This past weekend, there were three great posts I read: The HR Maven on personal and job interviews, Carmen Hudson on starting her own company, and Bob Corlett on backing up your talk.  What all of these have to do exactly?  I still got a long ways to go.

It is easy to sit on what you have and say you’re an expert on it, but even experts need to learn more and hone their craft.  I can say that I’m a damn good recruiter (you can ask my references), but there is still room to improve.  These posts I highlighted above made me adapt what I’m doing and tweak my business expectations.  If you want to grow in your position: adapt to change, have added responsibility, develop a versatile of skills, and be proactive what you do.

I also mention this on behalf of recruiters because we get a bad reputation for looking for talent and profit from it.  However, we are human beings and we care that you get a job.  You might not fit with an organization I’m recruiting (that’s business), but I know someone who might like you and if I like you personally, let’s have a talk outside the office building.  Remember, build a relationship first, then ask.

So for the recruiters out there, pay it forward if you know they’re a great fit with an another company and facilitate with who you’re talking to.  For the job seekers, ask a recruiter or an HR person. Some will deny you, some are cautious, and some will leave the door open. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

For everyone, if you want a conversation with me on anything from job seeking, your organization, sports, weird news, the word neufchantel, I’m easy to approach.  If you live in the DC Metro Area and want to chat one-on-one, give me a reply. If you live where I can’t take the local bus, here’s my contact information:

Phone: (703) 334-8454
Cell: (703) 618-2176
Skype: tracy.tran2
Google Chat/Talk (whatever its called): thispersonstinks

My door is always open and you’re always welcome…but don’t disturb Puffy.

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