If I Was Running A Company…Drafts

This is part two of  what if HR and Sports Business merge.

Every year, everyone will bring in new talent and the majority of them will be straight out of college.  Imagine the college recruiting trail where admissions people are hunting you down and giving you tours and pamphlets, but on the professional side.  Now, what if we implement a draft for the graduating students?

To make it happen, there will be three college job fairs: fall, spring, and summer.  There will be separate categories from technology, nonprofits, the big 4, etc.  They have the first 3 days to network, interview, and talk to potential interns.  On the 4th day, the companies must select their potential interns, but doing it in draft form.  The companies have all the information and decide who they want…but it will be done in draft form.  It would be some form of lottery of who will get the first pick and the draft continues throughout the day.  It will be also fun is seeing the interns see the process on how they made the decision.

The great thing about drafting is if you’re selected in a draft, there is someone who sees your potential and are willing to mold you into a business leader in that sector.  The other part I love about drafting is the process of seeing how HR, recruiters, and hiring managers select their interns.  There is a lot of work, but if you see the process, the people will get a better understanding of why selections are very difficult.

On the other side, the main problem of having a draft is the logistics.  It does take a lot of time to prepare and you only have a short amount of time and location to do it.  Another problem is the same thing I mention about trades is people want to have the freedom to choose which company they want to go.

Drafts do make it interesting at the workplace and job fairs, but logistics, choices, and location would be too much to have a draft to be held.  Think about it: have Mel Kiper break down your work habits and style and which company he thinks fits you best.  Only time will tell.

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