If I Was Running A Company…Hold It

If you been reading my blog, you know I have a series called “If I Was Running A Company…” It’s about my thoughts, ideas, trends, and case studies about HR. That portion of my blog gave me exposure from SHRMBrazen CareeristHR Happy Hour, and others linking to this blog, which help get a solid HR audience.  I am thankful for the HR audience (and other non-HR people) who read my babble on HR and Recruiting topics and some have taken advice, which is scary.  If you witness, I have not written an HR post in a long time.

There’s a reason…

The “If I Was Running A Company…” series will temporarily move to theGeorge Mason School of Management Alumni Chapter (GMUSOMAC) Blog.  It will be renamed  to “If I Were Running A Company…”

Several questions I will ask myself and answer:

Why the move?
The main reason is I am currently the Vice President of Outreach for GMUSOMAC and I’m responsible to attract the GMU School of Management Alums to our chapter and promote the School of Management and the communities.  I engage people about the benefits being a GMU SOM alum.  The blog would be the first step of engaging new and old alums and when we establish that, it will have a positive effect in our chapter.

This is a strategic decision so I can bring my audience to know the George Mason School of Management community and hopefully they can learn and collaborate with our alums.  We are the Originators of Hope (look up 2006 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four).

Why is the move temporary?
The board positions are for one year, unless you are re-elected. The term limit is two years. Eventually, the series will be back to my own blog, but I want to give the GMUSOMAC a boost to establish the alumni first, then the whole audience.

What’s the GMUSOMAC Blog about?
Currently, it is use to announce GMU SOM Alumni events. Next month, it will transition to a professional community blog for the GMU SOM alums. You will get blog posts from a variety of topics from HR, Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Technology Management, Entrepreneurship, and General Business. It’s similar to Brazen Careerist except we’re not going to rank NBC Universal as the number one company for Gen Y.

What is going to happen to my blog?
It will still be the same blog… just without the business stuff. You will still hear my thoughts, my personal adventures, Tony Kornheiser news and dating stories (not going to happen for a while…the dating part).

Is “If I Was Running A Company…” grammatically incorrect?
Yes. The story behind it was I wasn’t sure what to use: “was” or “were” in the beginning.  I didn’t search if it was grammatically correct, so I chose “was.” I guessed wrong. I had a couple of friends corrected me, but then I say to myself: If “Why Can’t Us?” merchandise can sell like hotcakes in Philadelphia, why not “If I Was Running A Company…”? It took off in May 2009 when China Gorman tweeted my post on giving a pop culture HR Award to Mel Kiper and it has mistakenly been in HR blogrolls ever since. The series will be renamed “If I Were Running A Company…” since I’m dealing with a professional community blog.

There you have it. Before I go…some shameless plugs about GMUSOMAC and hopefully you subscribe to these links (It’s my blog you know):

GMUSOMAC Blog (still in Beta Max)

See you on the flip side, HR.

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