If I Was Running A Company…Pop Culture HR Award #6

We’re in the middle of Fall and when I think of Fall, I think of leaves falling, football (and hockey season), the fiscal year, and the new TV season.  This leads to the sixth recipient of the award.  Most will not remember his name, but you will…


If you have not watch NewsRadio (which is likely almost everyone who reads this), it is a “behind the scenes” look of how a radio station runs.  The main character is Dave Nelson, who came from Wisconsin and travel to New York to save WNYX, New York’s news station.  Dave came into the station as the “savior” and he did not use force or volatility for his position.  Dave uses rational, pragmatic, and patience (does it remind you of someone?) in his approach to the workplace.  Dave also knows how to motivate his employees, especially Matthew Brock, to do their best and keep it simple.

Of course, any boss will have flaws and Dave has a number of flaws.  He is dating in the workplace with Lisa, making some employees squirm.  Dave also lied that he is a Canadian citizen and came to the U.S. and worried that if Americans discover he’s Canadian, they would assume he’s a spy and call the CIA for his capture. 

Even with all those flaws, Dave turns that into a strength and use that as a learning lesson.  He was once demoted from his Station Manager chair, and then regain it back.  Although all the personalities surround him are unique, his even-keel manner helps make WNYX stay afloat for five seasons. 

So to Dave Nelson, hiding somewhere in the States to be avoided as a Canadian Spy, congratulations on being the sixth recipient of the Pop Culture HR Award.

Video below is the best HR related episode, IMHO:

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