If I Was Running A Company…Training and Development

Retention and talent have been the staple for human resources for almost 20 years.  Organizations use retention programs to encourage employees to stay with the organization for a long time.  On the talent side, the philosophy for many organizations back then is stockpiling top talent.  Those programs and ideas coincided with the economy back in the 1990s: drop in unemployment and a booming economic growth.  In today’s climate, those philosophies are gone.  The economy could be a great excuse for the changing workforce, but there is one thing that is making a bigger impact of the changing workforce: our lifestyle.

I am not talking about workplace culture where people gets a certificate for hard work and everyone has work/life blending, flex scheduling.  I am talking about our short attention spans, time getting faster, our numerous choices of clothing, technology, housing, people and others.  In essence, if we can divorce people either once or 8 times, why not in the business place?  If we can get bribed, why not go to a place that has a lot of resources?  The working environment is revolving and most organizations don’t know how to deal with it.  How can organizations deal with all this change?  Training and Development.

Organizations must realize people want to do their job, get results, and are not tied to yours or any organization.  Simply put, they want an opportunity for something big down the line.  Organizations need to stop thinking about retaining employees and start building them up.  All of the paychecks, benefits, perks can only go so far.   Organizations need to help employees to develop new skills and bring in people who can collaborate with the employee so the organization can force the issue that they might want to stay with the organization.  There is no guarantee the employee will stay, but at least you made an attempt since you brought the person in, train, develop and build up the person where he/she is today.

Compensation and style will play part in the person’s decision, but in the overall picture, if you treat your employees well, give them the proper development, and the right employees, it benefits for both sides if the person either leaves or stays. It shows both sides were a great match and if the employee bails, you can always leave the door open for a return, like Pamela Anderson or Tommy Lee (or Kid Rock).

Side note: If your really want to keep an employee, don’t do this.

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