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There is a lot of worrying about the economy and people are worried about being the next person to let go.  Mark Stelzner and Lance Haun wrote great articles about ways that either you’re going to get laid off or stay within the organization.  To me, this all starts at the head of the division or the head of the company.   The people in your company are not going to be perfect, but they have to mesh together.  This is where a leader must step in.  If I was running a company (or division), Monday Morning will be the most critical meeting for the week.

There have been studies of why we have the Monday Morning Blues.  However, Monday Morning should be your “kick in the ass” moment where everyone gets rejuvenated for the work week.  The leader needs to come in and needs to start greeting their employees and have an open space meeting.  Everyone will share what they are doing and let everyone be aware of it.  Get the administrative stuff out of the way, and then the leader can do many things to conclude the meeting:

The leader can give an original speech.  Please, I do not want to hear someone quote some poet or writer.  This is you and and you must set the mood for your employees that week.  George Mason’s Men’s Basketball coach Jim Larranaga is the master at this:

If you’re not good at speeches, then try the pumping up your co-workers approach:

(42 seconds in)

If you’re not a pumping up your employees person, try something goofy:

Your personality will trickle through the employees and get them something to work for either they like it or not.  This doesn’t assure you that you’re getting laid off, but during these tough times, don’t try to be the victim, die tryin’.  

There is an aftercareer after all either by working, helping, or something that benefits someone, something, or yourself.

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