If I Were Running A Company…Automation

There are tons of articles and blog posts that robots will be taking over the workforce. Just check a few of the posts here, here, and here. It’s not surprising about the discussion of robots taking over because of rapid technology. Then, I cam across this tweet from the xPotomac conference (which I didn’t attend):

Basically, companies (or very strong-minded individuals) can control other people and “program” them what to do with the new technology.

I do believe some automation is fine, depending on the workplace like working for the government, FBI, CIA, NSA, or other top-secret agencies, but with private companies, I do feel squeamish. Companies have the power to control what culture they want, have everyone be productive, and send their messages.

It’s not the concept of robots taking our jobs that we should be worried about now, it’s how technology gives companies a license to find their people. Simply, most of us will become Manchurian Candidates and be brainwashed because corporate has the jobs people are looking for and there is no avenue for most of us.

If that’s the case, then maybe that’s why some people prefer freelance work so they have their independence. I don’t know why, but some companies want people to believe in their culture and sell it as a brand instead of having individuals vouch of why they like the company. Companies do not want individualism, they want machines (robot or human).

In the near future, robots will be taking over half the workforce and automation will control most of the workforce, but what drives people to companies is not the brand itself, but the individuals behind the brand. You don’t want automated beings, you want this guy to help your company set apart:


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