If I Were Running A Company…Collaboration

On All Things Considered, they did a story on research that a group with different levels of intelligence and skill sets can be more effective than a group of individuals who have high intelligence.  Although the sample of the study is small, it brings to attention that it’s not the top talent that makes a success, but the right talent.

One of my pet peeves in recruiting is recruiters promoting to applicants that their seeking “top talent.” My problem with that statement is 1) how do you define “top talent” within your organization and 2) how would you find it?   Technically, every organization is looking for “top talent”, but it is your organization’s philosophy brings the right talent.

The right talent not only has the skills, expertise, and mindset of the organization; they know their role is in the organization.  Organizations must have defined roles (and we’re not talking about job descriptions) for each employee to operate as one.  Organizations must have everyone on the same page and organizations know how to place their talents.   If it is executed well, the organization will more likely to have success, but that is up to your employees to make it a success or failure.

Does that mean if you all have “top talent”, does your business fail? In most cases, that would be the probable result, but it is possible you can succeed if your “top talent” can make sacrifices either by money, ego, stature, and others.  For example, LeBron James and Chris Bosh (ignore the PR stunt, that’s a whole different topic) took less than the maximum to sign with the Miami Heat to win not one, but several NBA Championships and doing it with Dwayne Wade.

The main purpose of collaboration is to act as one.  It is alright to have individuality within your group/business,  but understand to be a a truly “top talent”, you must do it what is best for your group and embrace it as a whole. The right talent don’t think about themselves; they think about the big picture. Hope your business has everyone seeing the big picture.

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