If I Were Running A Company…eHarmony Job Matching

This past year, eHarmony announce they will open up a new job matching service in June to help find job seekers the right people in their field. The following is an exclusive sample questionnaire on what to expect in the new eHarmony job matching service:

1. If you decided to go to work in the morning, what will be your first stop?
A. Breakfast
B. Bathroom
C. Coffee shop
D. Office

2. When at work, how much personal space do you need?
A. I don’t have a great need of “personal space.” I like lots of together time.
B. I find my time spent working is enough personal time, the rest I like to spend with my co-worker.
C. As long as I can get one night a week to myself, my personal space needs are met.
D. When I’m with my co-worker I’m completely there, but I do need considerable time for personal reflection.
E. Screw the co-workers, I want to telecommute.

3. If you had to characterize the end of most of your working relationships, they would be described as:
A. Pleasant as breaking up can be, with both sides feeling it was the best decision
B. Sad, with one co-worker being hurt and feeling betrayed
C. Very dramatic, with lots of hurtful accusations
D. Angry, with lots of feelings of disappointment

4. What you like to do after work?
A. Happy hour
B. Go home
C. Go volunteer to a local charity
D. Get dinner at a restaurant
E. Go to an event

5. How do you like your workplace?
A. Laissez-Faire
B. Exotic
C. Utopia
D. Uptight
E. Dictatorship

6. Where is your dream workplace?
A. In the city
B. At a farm
C. At a beach
D. In the forest
E. At the mountains
F. At sea
G. Suburbia

7. If you have one dish to serve to your co-workers, what would it be?
A. Pizza
B. Deli Sandwiches
C. Burgers
D. Donuts
E. Fruits and Vegetables
F. Bacon
G. Ice Cream

8. Which of the following things would you rather have lots of?
A. Respect
B. Money
C. Fame
D. Power
E. Laughter

9. If you have a bad day, what would your co-worker prefer to do?
A. Take you to lunch
B. Forward a funny video from YouTube
C. Talk with you about the day
D. Go dancing
E. Have a beer
F. Leave you alone

10. How do you like it?
A. On top
B. Second floor
C. Window view
D. No cubicles, only bean bag chairs
E. Open doors

11. If you have one musician to air at your workplace, what would it be?
A. Nickelback
B. Extreme
C. Jonas Brothers
D. Limp Bizkit
E. Chris Brown

12. What’s your preferred mode of transportation?
A. Car
B. Bike
C. Subway/Train
D. Airplane
E. Walking

13. Describe your perfect workplace?

14. Describe your ideal co-worker?

15. Describe your working style?

16. If you follow anyone’s career, who would it be and why?

17. Are you lucky and why?

18. If you have three wishes, what would it be and why?

19. For one day if you have no rules, no penalties, no consequences, and no costs, how would you use the day?

20. What do you find attractive?

21. In negotiations, what would you accept and what you wouldn’t compromise?

22. What do you really want to do?

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