If I Were Running a Company…Employment Branding 2015

Written by Tracy

*This post will feature my opinions on business and political sides and involves the terrorist attacks in Paris.

This week, recruitDC will have its fall conference. I will talk about it next week, but if you look at the agenda, one of the themes is employment branding. I have said this many times that employment branding is overrated, but companies need individuals, rebels, and wild cards to attract people to the company.

Last Friday, the terrorist attacks happened in six locations at the cosmopolitan place in Paris. The numbers are still sorted, but it is the most deadly attack since 9/11. While news broke about the attacks, I couldn’t think but remember the Tim Sackett article about millennials buying the b.s. on employment branding. This is the part that strikes me,

“Tell the story you want. People will listen.”

This is a blessing and a curse. One one side, people will buy your marketing plan and they believe in the company or product, they’re willing to make it better. If you look at previous sci-fi/fantasy movies, what items has transferred to the real world? Quite a few. When people were celebrating Back to the Future last month, we discuss what items were real since. That’s the best part of employment branding.

On the other side, hearing the news about the Islamic State (IS) is the worst part of employment branding. IS has training videos and create social media accounts to attract millennials and Generation Z  about their beliefs and basically brainwashing kids and teens. What IS really is like the punk rock and grunge movement in the 80s and 90s. All three were counter-culture and disregard of authority. The difference is punk rock and grunge has a sense of humanity while IS is not. What IS also has done is their employment branding is so powerful, they believe their supporters are their employees and put their fear on their competition (politicians and worried parents).

The issue with “employment branding” is there’s too many choices for people to pick a side. Back then, people had a few channels and radio stations to choose. Now, there’s a channel/community for anything. The reason you see people cheering for the politicians is they are speaking what they want to hear. It might be b.s., but the politicians get is to understand what their community wants to hear. This is why a politician is a terrible job these days because they have to listen to different communities on a variety of topics.

This is why I refuse to say “employment branding” or “culture” because it involves people changing their mindset to fit in to that company. I don’t want people to fit in, I want people who can make it better. Another thing people need to realize is that when companies want to be “cool” or “hip,” they one thing they are: “corporate.” Businesses are there to make money and are willing to market different sectors to attract customers. It’s smart business, but don’t say they’re cool because how they are perceived. People think IS is cool because they speak to them and care about their “values,” but in reality, they’re an actual government getting money from the rich to influence how great they are.

That’s what sad about the whole thing; when I think about IS, I think about “employment branding.” That’s essentially what IS is and they’re the best at it. Anyone else is second. On second thought, maybe IS as “employment branding” can eliminate both once and for all.


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