If I Were Running A Company…HRBlogs Weekly Reads 11/13/15

Written by Tracy

Yes, you get a second edition this week because it’s Friday the 13th…and also it has been busy for me. Anyway, here we go:

How open-minded are you….REALLY? by Mary Faulkner

We try to be open-minded, but we all have biases. We will never reach utopia, but we can be close to it.

Talent Leaders Agree: This One Metric Is the Biggest Challenge Facing Recruiters Today by James Ellis

Ah, the Quality of Hire problem again. Again, recruiting is an art.

The Nostradamus Effect: Seeing Into the Recruiting Future With Data Science. by Jonathan Foley

I guess some have a different opinion on recruiting.

HR Shouldn’t Use Big Data For The Company by Paul Hebert

I actually agree with Paul that you use data to help employees. My problem is employees maybe too reliant on data. Just look at we do in our health with Fitbit and other apps. If you feel well, you feel well. If you don’t, do something or ask.

The Grifters: Con Artists and Agency Recruiting. by Derek Zeller

Disclaimer: I do work for a staffing agency. When I read the headline, I had a good understanding what the post is about, but when I read the whole thing, I’m amazed there are a few who charge applicants. By the way, Derek has it right that most are not doing it right, but rule number 1: the job seeker/applicant never pays. It is your job to help out what’s out there. You’re the agent. You get the money when your person is hired.

The Easiest Thing You Can Do to Be a Great Boss by David Sturt
We Like Leaders Who Underrate Themselves by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman

If you want praise, you admit you’re overrated? I personally am self-deprecating and want to be under the radar. I love the Norman Chad thinking that there’s two kinds of people: overrated or underrated. No in-between.

Best Of HR Roundtable: How Do You Develop Creativity In HR? by Steve Browne

I’m glad my department lets me experiment on finding talent. Creativity, to me, comes from the top.

Sometimes Distrust Makes Teams More Effective by Walter Frick

I can understand this. If you trust and collaborate, people would know their roles. If there’s distrust, people will overcompensate their work and do things they don’t normally do. Hey, some of the best ideas were accidents.

Change Management Meets Social Media by Sarah Clayton

People need to remember: although you left the company, you’re footprint is still there. You can either act like that time doesn’t exist or you can share thoughts about the company.

The Last Word: Nearly A Quarter Of Your Workforce Would Leave For Just A 10% Raise by John Hollon

Businesses need to view their employees as free agents. If you want to keep them, give them opportunities within your company.If not, they’ll leave for greener pastures.

Inside the Recruiter’s Mind by David Weldon

Here’s what I think: when reading a resume, I’m looking for information. I don’t care for the cover letter unless I’m the hiring managers. Recruiters need to realize the cover letter isn’t for you, it’s for the hiring manager. It’s up to the hiring manager to what to do with the cover letter.

It’s A Million-Dollar Question: Can People Ever Really Be Happy At Work? by Marcus Mossberger

Short answer? No. Long Answer? No…but you need to have joy.

my coworker is a dominatrix — and it’s fairly public on Facebook by Alison Green

I have somewhat of an experience since my name can be a porn name as well, but it does give you street cred.

our job candidates have to give “positivity presentations” by Alison Green

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Correction: The Quality of Hire article was written by James Ellis, not Paul Petrone. The correction has been updated.


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