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Written by Tracy

This is the final post before Thanksgiving. I hope you have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving, but before travelling with your family and friends, read these HR posts:

Best Of HR Roundable: The Big Question – “What If I’m Not An ‘A’ Player?” by Steve Browne

You really don’t need “A” players in every position. Yes, you need some “A” players, but you need players who know the system, specialist, and the garbage time guy to entertain the workplace. Teams do need a Jack Haley.

Best Of HR Roundtable: The Challenges Handling Religion In The Workplace by Steve Browne

This part from the roundtable is a bit disturbing:

  • We don’t consider Atheism as a “faith” — When people look at religion, they focus on Christianity, Judaism, Islam and possibly Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. There are folks who identify themselves as agnostics and atheists in the workplace as well. It’s interesting that we are more impassioned about the more visible faiths versus those that we aren’t as familiar with. Beliefs are beliefs. There are many that exist and could be something that employees bring with them to work as their belief system.

I wonder how the workplace feels for the Pastafarian religion?

Oh, more Steve Browne stuff…

SHRM Elects Three To The Board by John Zappe

Congrats, Steve!

If You Are Going To Be On Social Media, You Better Be On LinkedIn by Ron Thomas

Linkedin has been the stepchild of social media behind Facebook and Twitter. With Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat attracting more, Linkedin is losing its step. Another thing: what is Linkedin’s identity? Is it social media? Is it a jobs site? Personally, email might still be the best way than Linkedin.

Employers Shouldn’t Ask For Salary Histories by Charlene Young

I had one client asking for salary history and felt guilty for the applicant. If they ask for outrageous demands, then cut them off, but if it’s reasonable and they check out, they should be fine. Asking for salary history already creates friction and doesn’t look good on the employer side.

Get The Wrong People Off The Bus by Melissa Fairman

So the CEO of Code42 layoff people, which is fine, but then also said, “We’re hiring like crazy for growth, let’s get the wrong people off the bus.” Basically he called out people who don’t “fit.” Well, there’s your culture.

Mental Health Is More Than a Work Perk by Megan Purdy

Megan makes a good point that mental health is not about going “nuts,” but if companies are taking care of their employees. Frankly, a break should be a requirement, not optional, but the bosses create an atmosphere of fear because they assume breaks mean weakness, which is backwards thinking.

I Have Become Human Spam by Michele Martin

I’ll admit, I have mass e-mailed people before because I want them to pay attention to the product or the organization I’m working with because there was no marketing team. However, what I would do in those mass e-mails is having a personal touch and show my side of why I’m promoting or helping them. I never wrote a mass e-mail that is generic because that would be spam and doesn’t distinguish who I am. I want them to contact me and if not, I’ll source and find their contact information and call them. Is it a bit narcissist and egotistical? Yes, but where can you get attention to people who I don’t know?

Last Word: Employers Aren’t As Worried About Retention As You Think by John Hollon

What can I say? I agree with him and had this sentiment for the past few years.

Free Your Head: The Cognitive Dissonance of HR in Cuba. by Gerry Crispin

Details of one of the HR/Talent Acquisition professionals traveling to Cuba.

4 Critical Signs You Need To Improve Your Relationship With Recruiters by Josh Tolan

Tips for better HR-Recruiting relations, yet, their relatives. It’s always the people’s fault.

Here’s Why Your Temp Workers Can Probably Sue You For Discrimination by Eric B. Meyer

Temp workers have more power. College students and athletes are getting more power. The executives and administrations need to know their power can’t be abused anymore.

Your Company Needs Independent Workers by Steve King and Gene Zaino

Skilled independents want the ability to control their lives, have meaningful work, and to be part of the team. When it comes to deciding which clients to work with, 96% selected “Value my work” as an important client attribute. Right behind was “Allow me control over my schedule” (89%) and “Allow me control over my work” (88%). “Treat me as part of the team” came in fourth. While independents value their autonomy and don’t want to be traditional employees, they also want to be treated as contributing team members.

Skilled independents are also looking for support services and administrative help. These include a reasonable legal agreement process, quick and efficient onboarding, timely responses to issues or questions about their arrangement.

Beyond administrative help, independents prefer clients that offer additional services that make it easier for them to be successful, such as job boards showing potential new opportunities, access to training programs so they can expand their skills, and opportunities to participate in networking events and meet-ups with client employees and other contract workers.

So independent workers wanted to be treated as employees. I hope your HR department creates a checklist if they’re an employee or independent contractor.

Why Creative People Are More Likely to Be Dishonest by Lynne C. Vincent and Maryam Kouchaki

People want more honesty and transparency…except for creative people! Oh,


Survey: Washington small business owners the most optimistic among big city bosses by Ken Fireman

That reminds me: this week is Shop Small Business Saturday…sponsored by American Express!

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