If I Were Running A Company…#HRBlogs Weekly Reads 8/31/15

Written by Tracy

Just to let you know this will be the only edition of Weekly Reads this week as people are preparing for Labor Day Weekend and school. The Weekly Reads will return September 10. In the meantime…

It’s Official: Millennials Are Now The Largest Part Of The U.S. Workforce by Cord Himelstein

Hooray for us. Now, we need better leaders to update us to the 21st Century.

You don’t need a degree to work in HR by Neil Morrison

You don’t? Well, I wasted college, except my DJ days at WGMU. I personally don’t think you need an HR degree, but Neil touch on the larger point that most of us are not forward-thinking in hiring and developing talent. This is where I think HR and Recruiting need shadowing workers for one week to have a good idea what they’re looking for. When you hear back in the day “HR needs to have a seat on the table,” business ideas alone won’t do it. You have to see to know what’s going before making any judgment.

Recruitment Marketing Shouldn’t Have To Be PC by Bridget Webb

“the point of employer branding isn’t to be liked, it’s to be remembered.” Oh crap, I recently watch the 1st season of The Leftovers and “The Sudden Departure” is HR and recruiting.

Dear Manager by Kristina Minyard

A real love letter to the profession.

Walking the Line Between Recruiting and Marketing by Katrina Kibben

Katrina hits the key point that marketing can be creative and and a safety net when it comes to failure, but not in recruiting a makes a point to go mobile. I honestly think every company knows they’re trying to be mobile, but at the The Television Critics Association (TCAs) mention we have “too much TV,” recruiting (or any business) has “too much screens.” What will set apart are the individuals in your company.

‘Sex and the Office’ by Human Resources Executive Online

This is interesting Q&A about why women are not getting the senior positions and you will be surprised by the answer.

Recruiters In Name Only: Why Real Recruiters Should Be Hunting for RINOs by Derek Zeller



You have forced my hand, Tim:


What Really Motivates Workers in Their 20s by Jeffrey Arnett

Yay, another article/research about the millennials at work. As an older millennial, each individual is a case-by-case basis; don’t lump them into this perception of how others feel of a certain group.

DEEP THOUGHTS: Are Great Places to Work Holding Back Talent Development? by Kris Dunn

People assume GPTW is about benefits, perks, and others, but developing talent should be number 1 in the GPTW. Not only if they do well as a company, but they have a strong fan and alumni base.

She was fired for refusing to pray with a client. Why did this employee LOSE her religious bias lawsuit? by Eric B. Meyer

We know you can’t force people to your religion and while it sounds like the ex-employee got the shaft, the “fifth write-up” was the warning sign the the plaintiff should of find a new job.

Work Hard, Live Well by Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin broke down everything that employees need breaks to help the company. Another person accepting the Carlos Slim method of work. Is there a company willing to do the Carlos Slim method in the U.S.?

Have a Great Labor Day, Everyone!


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