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Written by Tracy

A couple weeks ago, I attended recruitDC’s Fall conference. It’s a half-day conference, but still packs a lot punch. The theme I got was building relationships. It was a week before Thanksgiving, so I guess the theme was appropriate for this occasion.

The Whole Self: Why Knowing Your Candidates and Your Workforce Changes Everything

This was one of my favorite sessions of the conference from Susan LaMotte. I love that she mentioned that using survey data only gives you quantitative data. If you want qualitative data, you have to ask the people who took the survey. Susan did that with the recruiters in the survey and the experiment. What wasn’t mention in Susan’s presentation was an app called Crystal, where the app lets you see someone’s social media profile, what their personality is, and what questions to ask them. Susan mentioned surveys and research cost a lot of money, but if you want something inexpensive, look into Crystal and applied what Susan said of finding your whole self.

How To Go From Pesky Recruiter To Trusted Resource!

This was a panel discussing how to become a trusted resource as a recruiter. The first thing the panel mentioned is do the research and cold calling people. If you’re a big company, that might be great since you’re working with a brand, but how do you it if you’re a staffing firm or a small company? The panel mentioned that you must have recognition (personal and employer) and build relationships. Find something that you could relate to the job seeker and be out there. Basically, it’s the workers edition of opting outside: don’t read emails, just make the phone calls. With my situation as a growing firm with little recognition outside of Tucson, we (recruiters and sourcers) have to build that trust to the job seekers that we’re looking out for them and not building up numbers to meet some quota.

How to attract and engage Talent in the midst of all the noise

The first thing Celinda Appleby mentioned is “Recruiting is Marketing.” My thinking has always been there are marketing aspects in recruiting, but recruiting is not marketing. In marketing, you’re looking for a bunch of people be sold on your product/company. In recruiting, you actually have to select someone (or some people) who can do the job. My first word if I get asked what a recruiter does is scouting. I find people first if they have the skill set I’m looking and then, I make my pitch. You do want to have a quantity of followers so they can connect on different channels, but in recruiting, you want to find the information of the people who follow the company so you can tailor their message to them. What I will say that marketing and recruiting are similar is the top tool, for both, is networking. In marketing, it’s word-of-mouth; in recruiting, it’s relationship building and referrals.

Although I might disagree at some points, it’s great that there’s a diverse set of recruiters who might have different approaches to recruiting, but are willing to share and learn so we might adapt that in our employer plan. Hope to do this again in May.

Click here to watch video of the recruitDC Fall conference sessions.


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