If I Were Running A Company…Reverse Job Application

I saw a Buzzfeed post on my Google Reader about someone creating a reverse job application.  In summary, a person name Andrew Horner, has been unemployed for two years after college.  He has applied to companies, but he has been passed by to all the jobs he has applied for.  After his struggles, he took upon himself to control the job market by announcing companies to apply of making him an offer…and there’s a form for companies to apply for Andrew’s services.

If you look at the big picture, Andrew has some onions and I love his bold approach.  It is in my top 3 most creative job seeking approaches behind this guy and ahead of resume shirts. I love his attitude that he wants control of situation and you can’t knock him on that.  I really think this is an innovative idea and hopefully he succeeds.

My overall problem with his approach is in two steps: “Who are you and what do you do?” It’s great that Andrew is “creative, professional, hoping to learn new things.”  Wonderful, he joins the other 150 Million people who have the same attributes.  He is not distinguishing himself from the pack.

Another problem I have for his reason to create his reverse job application is a quote from Andrew himself:

I’d sent out volleys of applications to a slew of companies, all of which I was qualified to work for, none of which ever responded.

There is no strategy in his job search.  Then this bother me as well:

Encourage me to make new friends. Networking opportunities will help me grow and ensure that my ideas stay fresh. The ideal candidate for employing will offer plenty of chances for me to meet new people.

You can’t do that at your own time?  There are times you have to network for yourself.  If he wanted a real-life reverse job application, he could of attend the Reverse Job Fair and stand out from the rest. My belief on Andrew’s job search is he was doing it the old fashion way.  I wonder why all this trouble?

Then, I discovered his resume.  After looking at his resume, I will say that he needed more information on his work experience and his accomplishments.  This is why most HR professionals are hesitant to ask Andrew for an interview because there’s so little to ask from that resume.  HR professionals and recruiters want a lot of information from applicants either on your resume, your cover letter, or your social media profile.  It’s a two-way street between the applicant and the recruiter.

If there are recommendations for Andrew, I would tell him to add information on his resume and get a Linkedin profile and join relevant groups.  After saying that, he has gotten a huge response from his Reverse Job Applicant, including Buzzfeed, so there might be a demand for him.

So Andrew, if you’re still not getting responses, I can help you out and good luck on finding the right company/organization.

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