If I Were Running A Company…#SHRM12 preview

This Saturday, I will be traveling to Atlanta for the annual SHRM Conference. I will be returning to the conference since 2008. As different in years’ past, I will be attending as part of the press. This conference will have a different feel because in 2005-06, I came to the conference as a student and learning the craft of HR. In 2008, I came their to see Chicago and promote my new company. This year, I have an inner circle of people who I meet (and will meet) through social media and other networking events, and I know what to expect from the conference. Through SHRM still has its flaws, as I have mention in the past (even as far as taken a sabbatical for a year), SHRM is improving on their efforts and relations and really want to see its improved product next week.

I also couldn’t wait to go to Atlanta because I have friends who live there and want to visit them and catch up. I also can’t wait to visit Atlanta and heard good things about it, though it might be tough to beat Chicago. The only things I’m upset about are zombies, and wanted to visit Turner Field to root for the Nationals. Sadly, that’s after the conference ends. I want SHRM to organize with MLB to schedule the Nats-Cubs or Nats-White Sox series when the conference goes to Chicago next year and do it BEFORE the conference. It won’t happen because MLB won’t be force into, but just do this for my own benefit. Now, I need to know to get around Atlanta to its hot spots and where’s Ted’s Montana Grill.

As for the conference itself; I witness there are a lot of concurrent sessions involving talent acquisition and talent development than in recent years (yes, I read the catalog online even if I didn’t go to the conference). To me, this is a good thing as we need HR to delve into the people’s and how to utilize them best in their organization and the transition is still happening from transactional HR to strategic HR, to now where HR puts themselves as the “architect of work.” If there are minor quibbles, I would want to see hashtags of concurrent session and not just #SHRM12 to follow the topics easier like NTEN does and I want to see more networking events involving industries since I think HR’s next step is to be industry experts, which could lead to C-Suite roles.

Speaking of networking…there are tons of networking events than I remembered when I attended. When I went to these networking events, they seem to be “elitist” as most of these events were on a boat or on some rich property. Don’t get me wrong, there will be “elitist” parties in Atlanta, but the networking events seems to be more open and casual in most events now and has that “SxSW”-like feel (except the bigger crowds and long lines) all thanks to social media.

From my social media profiles and this blog, you will see me take notes on speakers, take pictures of events, and mock them, D.C. Sports Bog style, but I hope you get out of this as HR is transitioning into respectability into the workplace and not a deterrent. See you at Bad Street, USA next week.

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