If I Were Running A Company…SHRM16 Day 2 Recap

Written by Tracy

Yesterday was the first full day of the conference and a bunch of people jam up the Convention Center, but not as jammed as Awesome-Con or any Comic-Con or Wizard World events, which has 50,000 attendees. The more you know.

Amy Cuddy

I’m not a TED Talk guy as I think it’s weird to pay $400 for essentially an 18-minute session (plus you can contact them). Amy Cuddy has the 2nd most TED talk view and I can see why. We undermine how body language and tone is more effective than talking. Basically, learning the basics of poker. What I found interesting is Cuddy encourage adults, who have daughters, to teach them to sit up straight and get to the best posture possible. Amy’s presentation not only works as an HR presentation, but a empowering women and sexual harassment prevention presentation.

Concurrent Sessions

I went to the people that I knew very well and also trying to establish my company’s social media, so I need to attend to the big hitters. On the HROS session and Jason Lauritsen’s Smart Stage session, companies need to be open and stop worrying about being secretive or be paranoid.

On Onboarding Managers, Sharlyn Lauby discuss that managers need to be trained to be promoted, not stuck doing duties in their current role. Also, she showed us how uncork a wine bottle at a restaurant.

Finally, while I do not like the term, “personal branding,” it is important to build your best persona to make yourself employable. Jennifer McClure perfectly hits these notes. I would add think of it as a player in their last year of their contract. They usually work hard, at the end, to get to a bigger contract.


One of the biggest lines was at Nationwide, where Jack Hanna and the animals (and his family) were taking pictures and autographs. I was very interested for 1) the animals and 2) to say thanks for making numerous appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman. It was his appearances that I appreciate the wildlife more.

I forgot to mention this yesterday but another booth I like was Lifespan. They had no giveaways, but they did something that I never thought would happen: they give me a product that I really need for work. That product is a treadmill desk. I tried it in different speeds and I still have effective (or even better) productivity. I like to walk a lot to get new ideas and the treadmill desk does everything that I need. Now, I’m in a hunt of a treadmill desk.


I went to the Fisher & Phillips party at the American History of Natural Museum and frankly, I like the exhibits more than the party. I should of attended the North Central SHRM party just to get a tie-dye shirt to honor Steve Browne.

Coming Up at SHRM16

Day 3 of SHRM16 is the last day of the Expo and Train is performing tonight. Day 3 will also have Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson and all the political talk you enjoy and love. I would add James Carville since he’s a political insider and a Louisiana native, which SHRM17 will be next year. Also, I want to hear this:

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