If I Were Running A Company…SHRM16 Day 3 Recap

Written by Tracy

Tuesday is the last full day of the conference and people are frantic on getting every last swag, session, autograph, book, you name it. Then, they unwind to someone who is in the Top 40.

Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson

Look, politics is a needed discussion in the workplace, especially a Presidential election year. I understand Begala and Carlson being there because the bills do affect the workplace. I just don’t think they were the right people to talk about the blending of HR and politics.

Of note, there was no mentioning of the gun control amendment not passed by the Senate. I know SHRM is going to Capitol Hill to discuss key HR issues, but I wish SHRM become more populist and listen to their members and outside members on gun control.

Concurrent Sessions

I went back to familiar faces in the sessions, with the exception of Giselle Kovany, who discuss about managing virtual teams. This is actually a very in-depth session about telecommuting and how to tackle the issue. Kovany gave pros and cons of virtual teams. The stat I really like the most is on effective communication, we use 7% on verbal, 38% on tone, and 55% on body language. By going telecommuting, we lose 93% of it.

Joe Gerstandt was another session I really enjoy. His session, on Working with Humans, was thought-provoking. He analyze that the hiring decisions we make are not by emotion, but by human nature. We look into past decisions and what worked and try to copy that into the next person, which is not good. If you want to change those decisions, you have to change the process.

Finally, Steve Browne had the line of the conference:

You should be the sower who sows the seeds of development for your people


This is what you get when it’s the last day of the Expo:

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To be frank, I wanted to be at the Lisa Loeb concert, but she was in Bethesda and I have to travel on the red line at night. Also, USA was facing Argentina in the Copa America semifinals. In the first minute, Argentina scored and it was over from the start. Nationals were playing (and lost in a heartbreaker) at 10PM. So, Train would do and it was a quick concert. I don’t remember a concert ended at 9:15PM at SHRM.

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The last day of the conference with keynote speaker, Sal Khan.

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