If I Were Running A Company…#SHRM16 Preview

Written by Tracy

After ten years, the SHRM Conference is returns to the Washington D.C. for a big year in this country. I remember the last time the SHRM Conference was in D.C. It ☔☔, Gladys Knight, and more ☔. I’m happy to tell you there is a very little chance of rain (but it will be a bit humid).

This is no accident SHRM chose D.C. (a long time ago, may I add) for 2016 and frankly they got lucky in the year where two sides (or more) are very divided on issues and could influence the workplace, which would influence HR.

I wonder SHRM will wait ten more years so SHRM begins the 250th Anniversary of the United States in D.C.?

Here is what to expect at SHRM16:

Transportation is going to suck

For people coming to D.C. this weekend, you’re getting screwed. Metro will start Phase 2 on the Safetrack Surge program, and it’s literally going to be a hot mess. If you can’t take the Metro, you might have to carpool, Uber, Lyft, Taxi, take the bus, Capital Bikeshare, or possibly walk.

A friendly reminder for attendees: If you’re taking the escalator in D.C., stand on the right; move on the left. DO NOT STAND ON THE LEFT SIDE OR YOU’RE GOING TO MEET THE WRATH OF KHAN!!!

You hate politics, but too bad, you have to pay attention to it

We are in the middle (that’s weird to say) of the Presidential elections and it’s down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton…or is it? The atmosphere of both parties are not at their best as some of the Democrats are worried there still might be dirty laundry from the Clintons and some of the GOP are not backing Trump because of his “views” on immigration and terrorism. You wonder 1) their policies in the workplace are and 2) their HR staff might have a nightmare.


This is divisive term; close to a buzzword, but I think diversity is important now as of recent events in Orlando have made us think about our biases and how we need to figure this out to prevent any further violence. Just to be clear, it is alright to have biases if it involves skills, knowledge, and industry; not race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Bad scheduling

This is about me. SHRM didn’t do anything wrong since they planned this a long time ago, but couldn’t the Washington Nationals just schedule a weekend series before the conference? Maybe we have to wait until 2026. Also, Lisa Loeb is having two concerts on Tuesday: the afternoon concert in Wolf Trap and the evening concert in Bethesda. As Brian Orakpo says:

I would say, Game 7 of the NBA Finals, is after most of the SHRM after parties are done, so there you go.

As for the others:

From Blogging 4 Jobs:


Other tidbits:

If you’re going to stay in D.C. a little longer, here’s what coming up:

I hope you enjoy D.C. and if you’re looking for me, I’ll be volunteering or wearing this big button carrying tons of cooling towels. Oh, follow the company I work for, The HR SOURCE (Website | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin), if you want a cooling towel.


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