If I Were Running A Company…The Antihero

I’ll admit, I still watch professional wrestling mainly because I was a fan as a young kid and enjoy the athleticism and psychology of wrestling, plus the rocking entrance theme songs.  As I learn in wrestling, there are to sides: a face or a heel. In the more recent years, the antihero has become very popular in wrestling because they’re not a conventional hero and that they do it their own way. In businesses, there are many antiheroes than you think.

An antihero does not have the same qualities as a conventional hero since they have flaws and tough surroundings, but they do it their way and stray from the conventional method.  They have their own interpretation of their organization, which is a good thing.  In their own way, they do what is best for the organization.

In the workplace, the conventional hero would wear a suit, say the keywords, and keeps a happy face making sure everything looks fine.  The thing is the people prefer their companies to be transparent and human.  The antihero shows the human element to the organization and can relate to the individual.

No one knows this but most of the people in your business are a bunch of antiheroes.  They do the work, meet deadlines, and each one does it their own way.  Although the antihero can be critical of their own organization, they never going to diss the company. The antihero does what’s right for them and the organization.

Since this is Halloweenweekend and people love to dress up who they want to be, just take a look of yourself in the mirror and ask yourself this: are you comfortable who you are working for and have you establish your voice? If yes on both accounts, then you’re the antihero.

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