If I Were Running A Company…The Mel Kiper Award (January 2011)

If you been reading on my personal blog and if you are new to this site, the Mel Kiper Award is for someone in pop culture (real or fictional) that plays a part in human resources.  Here are the award winners so far if you missed it:

  1. Mel Kiper, Jr. (obviously)
  2. Johnny Carson
  3. Dave Kovic
  4. Mr. Krabs
  5. Mary Tyler Moore
  6. Dave Nelson
  7. Mariah Carey
  8. George Michael (sports broadcaster)
  9. David Simon
  10. 1979-1984 New York Islanders

The next recipient is basically copying my life, but he makes it much cooler. Ladies and Gentlemen:

Shawn Spencer

Yes, he has ADD issues and he gets in an argument with his father, but with his gift (he’s hyper-observant, not a real psychic), he has used it to build a successful private agency business by using his people’s skills.

Although he is hyper-observant, Shawn is a great communicator since he asks pertinent questions of suspects and people of interests and has a gentle touch to get the answers from them. There are times you need to play good cop/bad cop, but Shawn has to mention that he’s a “psychic” and people will immediately believe in him.

He is also versatile as he has done nearly every job in the United States…literally.

All these “gifts” Shawn has, he would easily do this by himself. However, he realizes he needs some help. He usually asks his father, Henry, for his experience and wisdom, although their personal relationship might be a roller coaster ride.  His best friend and partner of the agency: Gus TT Showbiz…I mean Burton Guster is the “medical expert” and super sniffer (has strong sense of smell). He uses the police station to…well he’s in a relationship with a detective and he does sneak in a lot.

The point is you have all these gifts, but use it to not only benefit yourself, but others surrounding him. Thank you “Psychic Detective” Shawn Spencer for winning the Mel Kiper Award.

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