If I Were Running A Company…TMI

I haven’t written much lately. There’s the job search, NatsJobs, networking events, personal stuff, taxes and others. There’s another reason I have not written as much on HR: there’s a lot of information and advice on HR…the same thing.

What we call “the echo chamber,” I keep reading the same thing about HR and recruiting and got me thinking are we reinforcing our points that most of us written from a few years ago? I have thought about this and I don’t think the content is repeating itself. I think, for me, you have to step out the HR circles to get a bigger picture or re-energize yourself.

It’s great the information is out there for HR professionals, but like television and the 1000s of channels out there, HR professionals have to decide which source they read and trust from thousands. I personally read HR blogs that know about HR and have a personal touch. It makes them sure that they have a life outside of HR.

Yes, it is wonderful we have almost all HR information in our hands, but it is sometimes better to step outside for a breather and reassess. We are human after all.

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