If your interested part 2, and Labor Day weekend

Just had my second draft yesterday, with one of my best friends. I got to say this draft was crazy with 14 teams and double the starters of your typical fantasy league. Here are The Penguin Dance:

D. Brees QB
P. Rivers QB
K. Holcomb QB
S. Smith WR
M. Jenkins WR
M. Harrison WR
D. Gabriel WR
R. Bush RB
J. Lewis RB
C. Taylor RB
M. Pittman RB
M. Jones-Drew RB
B. Watson TE
K. Winslow TE
C. Baker TE
A. Fasano TE
S. Janikowski K
O. Mare K
Indianapolis DEF
Philadelphia DEF

Two down, one to go

In other stuff, I visited my brothers over the weekend. Nothing eventful to report except I finally finish watch the whole season of Entourage and did not know Audioslave is releasing their third album tomorrow. My only observation on my stay is my brother Thanh went to sleep at 1 AM Monday morning and woke up at 4 PM. That’s right; 13 hours of sleep. It’s unheard of in our current society and shockingly, he didn’t take any drugs (for people who think I’m bluffing). I wish I had that, but my biological clock can only go 6 and if I’m lucky, 7 hours.

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