It’s coming, and I don’t like it

This weekend is Memorial Day and this means the unofficial start of summer. School’s out, people putting on their best bathing suits, twitching little freaks running through the streets, vacations. Well, I don’t like it. As a young kid, I always enjoy summer for its long break. As I grew older and knowing my body, summer is not kind to me. Although I love Washington D.C. (and Fairfax), the summer is the worse because of new buildings replacing trees and reduce rain. The summer also makes me delusional and I really can’t think straight because I’m so much concentrating on hoping the building blast Arctic air. The summer also shows a terrible family gene: sweating profusely. That tells me a sign of weakness and I hate being sweaty among my friends and co-workers. Now, I’m not a wimp because of the assumption that I want climate control. During the summer (and spring), I would want that. But, I would like to have frostbite than be sweating. I really enjoy the fall and winter seasons because those seasons are more thoughtful and you’re in control. I wish telecommuting becomes popular so in the summer, I can go near the ocean like in Ocean City, Maryland, San Diego, and underrated Seattle. Most of those days in those areas, you get 70 degrees and fair weather (except Seattle, where 50 degrees is heaven for me). Although D.C. is my town, sometimes D.C. bites me in the back. Damn, where’s a nuclear winter?

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