It’s That Time Again

Next week is my birthday and it is a great occasion for some, but for most, they’re happy it’s one more year towards death. I’ll push.

I want to use my birthday to spread some love of causes you should care and donate:

  1. The Hockey Foundation – I mention this nonprofit last year, but I have to repeat it again as 1) Adam Sherlip is still a cool guy and 2) the organization is going to the Himalayas next winter to drop off hockey equipment to kids, but it needs your support.
  2. National Memory Walk (Memory Muses) – I actually went to first National Memory Walk a few years ago. It was raining, but I enjoy both the walk and the cause since it has an impact to ourselves and our families.  I want to do it again since the walk is outside Nationals Park, but a scheduling conflict (Capitals Convention) prevented me to go. However it is a great cause and help my friend, Chelsey and her group, reach their goal. Updated: The Memory Muses Happy Hour at Coco Sala is on Tuesday, Sept 21st. RSVP at
  3. CitizenGulf – I don’t have family in Louisiana, but I care about this because there are a lot of Vietnamese people around the Gulf since they’re fishing industry families. Thai and Vietnamese are very similar to the Gulf with spicy foods and their love of seafood. With Katrina and the BP oil spill, the families in the Gulf, especially the Vietnamese, need their support for the families.
  4. Pedigree Adoption Drive – I have a dog and if you listen to the Tony Kornheiser Show, you know Maggie plays havoc in the Mr. Tony household. Sadly, Maggie was put down last month but had a great 18 years. Ever since Puffy was welcome in our family, she has been a joy. Hope you take care and affection for your pet.
  5. Anthrocon – It is an actual organization that cares about human-like characters. C’mon, you enjoy human-like animals (or Manimals)? They’re big business is in June and if you’re lucky, you might share a hotel room with them:

Hope you donate to these charities.

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