June 1: The Return of the DC Sports Renaissance

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Today is the day D.C. sports fans have been waiting for in a long time. ..A DC Sports Renaissance.  DC has been mocked for a long time as a sports city with the unfortunate bad luck and terrible owners.  D.C. has not won a major sports title since 1992 (I will not count the D.C. United).  Today, marks a brand new era in Washington D.C. Sports. 

It already started with the Washington Capitals with Ovi and the gang compiling the best hockey team in their team’s history and luckily, they’re playing on the road at the Winter Classic against the Penguins and were the road team and you know what road teams go to after the Winter Classic…

Also, the summer will not only focus on surrounding the Fourth of July for the next several years.  The real Washington Nationals season begins on June 7 when they’re going to select Bryce Harper with their number 1 draft pick and on June 8, it will be the debut of The Strasburg as the baseball season really kicks off and the summer begins.

Then on June 24, the Washington Wizards actually have the number 1 pick and get a player that doesn’t suck.  It’s no secret the Wizards will select John Wall, but the fun begins in July if they can get a big name free agent.  If not this year, then it will be next year with Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant on the market. 

Finally, you have your beloved Washington Redskins.  Yes, they have McNabb and a rejuvenated Mike Shanahan, but they can be either 4-12 or 12-4.  There’s still no lack of drama in Ashburn.

Can you imagine: with Ted Leonsis as majority owner of the Caps and Wizards, a community block party in Chinatown?  The surrounding areas around Nationals Park will actually be completed and sold out stadiums?  The Redskins? Ok, they will always have a big crowd.  However, today marks a new era in D.C. sports that we are not the jokes of the league, we are legitimate contenders to be the best sports city in America.

If superstar free agents don’t see that, we can say the President will be watching all the home games. How about them apples?

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