Last Live-blogging: Pushing Daisies

9:01 PM:  That is it for the year and the other three episodes will be aired without publicity.  But if you want and ending that has a cliffhanger, but with some conclusion, this was it.  HAPPY ANNE MURRAY HOLIDAYS!!!

8:59 PM:  GEORGE HAMILTON?!!!  Now that’s a surprise to leave on.  WOW!!!

8:58 PM:  Cold turkey fingers.  It had to end that way.

8:57 PM:  I knew Wilbon was that sneaky. 

8:56 PM:  Weekend at Bernies situation.

8:49 PM:  Mother?  She must have a bunch of stories to tell inside of her.  I hear threesomes and hot sauna action.  Appropriate enough, a Levitra commercial is airing after that.

8:48 PM:  Let me end this, it’s Ned’s father.

8:47 PM:  End of the series talk.  NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

8:45 PM:  Oh snap!!!

8:39 PM: 

8:37 PM:  Finger jokes.  Somewhere, pulling it is on someone’s mind.  Oh wait…

8:36 PM:  Baseball caps?  Where them fleece hockey helmet hats?

8:34 PM:  Empty caskets…they’re at Wilbon’s tub.

8:32 PM:  First thought from the Norwegians:  Johann Olav Koss will never die, then onto their matter.

8:30 PM:  They’re going pop on our ass.  This is getting eerie.

8:28 PM:  Can Norwegians trust a Swede?  I’m actually asking.

8:26 PM:  We’re digging for treasure.  Does this seem to be an another episode of Psych, only with a hot woman and Europeans?

8:23 PM:  It had to be the Norwegians to make the story around.  I would prefer the Swiss for the cheese, chocolate, and their neutrality has help them made Roger Federer a star.

8:21 PM  I realize the Muppets are on NBC right now.  Thank goodness for picture and picture and DVR.

8:19 PM:  Last week, it was raincoats.  This week, matching Norway uniforms.  Where’s my old school Vietnamese Saigon shirt?

8:18 PM:  You know who would be a good foreign officer to the U.S.?  The Drunkenmaster

8:16 PM:  Oh, Hells Bells?  Wait for it…

8:15 PM:  New crime team:  Ity Bity and Big Chocolate.

8:13 PM:  So, this is how the Sedin Twins get up on your face.

8:11 PM:  Obvious, the Norwegians are dark-haired people.  If you want to know, Swedes are blond, the Finnish are red, and the Danish have cookies.  They’re playing the stereotype perfectly.

8:09 PM:  Oh, it’s the Norwegians.  Wilbon vs. J.A. Adande.

8:07 PM:  Wilbon wants details.  He’s serious

8:05 PM:  Olive Snook, “I’m not a yo-yo.”  Really?  I see them bouncing around that much.

8:04 PM:  Wilbon onto his hottub and firing away.

8:02 PM:  How could Mike leave a $10 bet?  What a chump.

8:00 PM:  Wonderful, a salute to Salute Your Shorts

7:57 PM:  I’m getting teary-eyed, oh wait, that’s the new HD in my face.

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