Live-blogging: Pushing Daisies 2

9:01 PM:  Okay, back to the World Series (Phils leading 2-0) while others going to Rachel Maddow.  See ya later.

9:00 PM:  Asians and Wilbon’s crush malenga.  Now, when is it suppose to be on?!!!

8:59 PM:  About time!!!

8:56 PM:  Wilbon getting a tender moment…Awwww.

8:54 PM:  The bat?  I want cricket action.

8:51 PM:  Does it seem eerie that a Trojan killed the star quarterback, his “friend”, and the girl?

8:50 PM:  I knew the name Buddy Amicus seems trouble.

8:47 PM:  I now who needs a friend:  Jose Canseco and Larry Johnson.

8:42 PM:  I just realize, Buddy Amicus is not a good name for an athlete.  Although, Buddy Crutchfield takes the cake.

8:40 PM:  Nerds are wondering why they weren’t stuck with these ladies.

8:39 PM:  Smear campaign?  Drink up peeps.

8:37 PM:  Oh no, a neagtive ad from Obama.  McCain’s campaign will be very mad negative ads are running on such a family show.

8:34 PM:  I see where Wilbon got strong hands from?  So weak that someone shorter than him is dominating the fight.  It ruins his manliness.  Now, where’s your manpurse?

8:32 PM:  Also I want to be another friend:  Mary-Louise Parker

8:30 PM:  Banjo playing dog name Butterscotch.  Dog related to Dum-Dee Dum the Dog?

8:27 PM:  From Dan Levy’s twitter, the introduction of the World Series was pitiful.  May I say, start the World Series at 7 PM?  People want to watch the end, not the beginning.

8:26 PM:  Paging PETA, a lot of dead animals are in Randy and Joe’s apartment.

8:25 PM:  Ned made up with cheesy lines with meat pies.  Ick.

8:22 PM:  It’s former World Heavyweight Champion, David Arquette.  Seems appropriate he’ll be on this show.

8:21 PM:  I’m sorry, celebrity stunts just don’t do anymore.  Have a story or people will flock.  Okay, have a story that is likable but not too whimisical.

8:19 PM:  It’s odd that Wilbon’s wife left him and money was rolling, yet Dave Chapelle turn down $50 million and the wife sticks with him.  Just to throw that out there.

8:17 PM:  Did Dell buy this episode?

8:16 PM:  Wow, that’s very disturbing hugging a machine-hugger.  You know they have smaller versions of it.

8:15 PM:  Here’s who i want to be my friend:  Sabrina Lloyd.  Read her bio and you know why.

8:13 PM:  My Best Friend, Inc.  has rainbow colors.  Is there any indication who owns it?

8:12 PM:  Friend for hire?  Live MySpace but masturbation in public.

8:09 PM:  Okay, ABC did not promote this week’s episode for some reason and missed it.  Dude, your safe now that the Tampa Bay Rays are in the World Series and people are not going to be watching.  We’re close to the coffin for this show.  Now, I know next week, Obama will be taken over this timeslot and you know I won’t be doing this.

8:08 PM:  Squirting water dead guy.  I wish for a wet t-shirt contest and what I mean is only to Chuck.

8:06 PM:  People rejected Lil’ Gum Shoe because of a complex storyline.  I totally agree, they should of gotten the Knight Rider route.  You know that show was picked up.

8:04 PM:  I got Pigby on the Digby vs. Pigby main event.

8:03 PM:  See what you get with those cheesy lines, Pieboy?

8:02 PM:  Backstory of Michael Wilbon.  NIce.  But, he has a white mother?

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