#mrtony explained

Since everyone is explaining their hashtags on Twitter in their blogs, it’s my turn.  You heard the news that Tony Kornheiser left Monday Night Football.  This has open speculation that Tony would probably be back on the radio, live webcast, and/or podcast in the D.C. area.  This is where the Mr. Tony Twittles play a role.  

If you want Mr. Tony back on the air either by radio, satellite radio, public radio, internet show, podcast, or a Q and A luncheon like Carol Joynt does;  just tweet it under 132 characters and use the #mrtony hashtag so the topic can be visible for everyone to see.  You can also make your mark on @PTIShow or pester through @Redskinsinsider (Cindy Boren).  

Remember, the #mrtony hashtag is not only we want Mr. Tony back on the radio/podcast airwaves…this is a plea to stop the Animal Revolution that has been daunting us for the beginning of time.  

If you’re out on riding your bike tonight, do wear white.

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