My 2012

I know, the year in review is a little too late, but it was a busy past month for me that I forgot to write my own annual review.

As you know, I’m still searching for a contract or full-time recruiting opportunities in the D.C. area and I will spin-off Tran Recruiting to NatsJobs. That’s probably the only bad part of 2012. The rest was probably the most fun I had…ever.

It started in January when I first met Tony Kornheiser for the first time at the PTI studios.

In March , I had my first real vacation in Orlando to go to Disney World and Nationals Spring Training. It was great, but it is unlikely I will go to Orlando anytime soon, unless it’s with family.

During February and March, I went on a very strict diet of eating under or around 600 calories during Lent. The diet, plus the Kinect workouts, made me drop 50 lbs from 220 lbs. to 170-175 lbs. and I now have a size 36 waist and finally starting to wear size large outfits.

In June, I took my second trip outside Virginia that year to Atlanta for the SHRM Conference as a blogger. It was the first time I met most of the HR bloggers face-to-face and made the conference a great experience. Here are some of the memorable things I took away from the conference:

SHRM12 Hockey Glassdoor Buzz

Then, I went on a second vacation to Williamsburg with the family in July. Went to a lot of roller coasters, games, decent food, ok entertainment, but here’s I’ll remember the trip.

It was a banner year for the D.C. sports teams with the Washington Nationals winning the NL East and returning summertime to Washington. The Washington Redskins drafted Robert Griffin III and rekindled the Redskins glory days and leading the team to the NFC East title. D.C. United return to prominence this year and were one step away to the MLS Cup Final. The Caps actually played hard and the Wizards…well… By the way, I predicted this would happen (except I got the McNabb part wrong).

It was mostly a good year for me (although if you think monetary, you think otherwise). Do I wish I had everything in 2012? Absolutely, but your plans are going to turn no matter what. You have to deal what is given to you.

The question now is what is going to happen in 2013? To be honest, I have no idea what’s going to happen. There is a lot of uncertainty in my area with the government still working on the debt ceiling/fiscal cliff deal that has government contractors on pins and needles, and to that effect, to the other sectors. 2013 looks like there’s going to be a lot of surprise turns and I have no idea what will be next. The only thing I know what will happen is on September 24, my mid-life crisis will begin.

Have a great 2013.

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